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Taking a positive tilt at life

Getting in and out of your wheelchair can often be a challenge in itself! Having a wheelchair that tilts to make it easier for you to transfer in and out of it means you’re back in control.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s easy to see how the lowly transfer from wheelchair to car, to bed to chair can get overlooked. When done correctly, transitions from bed to wheelchair or to shower bench can be mere afterthoughts in a wheelchair user’s day. But when transfers are difficult or unsafe, it can lead to a range of problems.

There’s a heightened risk of falls and then simply being unable to participate in activities because we can often decide that it’s simply not worth the hassle of a transfer, especially if a caregiver is not around.

It was hearing about the risks, the fear and trepidation of transfers that led Magic Mobility to release their transfer tilt power function. The transfer tilt is designed to enable the seat to tilt forward at 10 degrees so that it’s easier to step in and out of the wheelchair without the assistance of a caregiver. It can be used with our new articulating footplate, which levels itself with the ground, to prevent users from tripping.

Wheelchair users who drive a car in their wheelchair will find that the transfer tilt will enable their wheelchair seat front to fit under the steering wheel easier. Similarly those needing to get up close to a desk can also benefit from the transfer tilt function.

The transfer tilt can be fitted to Frontier V6 mid wheel drive and Frontier V4 front wheel drive wheelchairs fitted with lift and tilt or tilt only options.

You can see how simple it is by checking out this short video:

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