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Taking control of your world

Our JSM2 colour screen, adjustable contrast controller.

Did you know you can take control of the world around you with just a simple click? Answering your phone, using your computer, linking to your sound system – almost anything is possible!

The R-net CJSM2 Controller is Magic Mobility’s highest specification controller for any Magic Mobility powered wheelchair. It’s an extension beyond basic wheelchair functionality and lets you loose with infra-red connectivity (IR) and optional Bluetooth.

With the flick of a wrist and press of a button, Infra-red connectivity lets you take control of household devices such as TVs, DVD players and multi-media systems, as well as some automated home products such as lights.

Step it up a notch

With optional Bluetooth, you can even control Android tablets, iPads and phones as well as other smart devices directly from your powerchair. It’s as simple as selecting the device from the controller screen.

The CJSM2 controller has a modern and high-resolution LCD screen with crisp, large graphics. With a built-in light sensor, the screen brightness optimises for the room and conditions you’re in.

Use it to change your seat right through to playing your favourite music from the comfort of your chair. You can select your device and activate it from across the room. Change the TV channel from the chair, and even hit mute when you need!

Are you thinking of upgrading your chair so you can control the room from where you are? Get in touch! We would simply love to help you out.

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