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Tales of Toughness

Magic chairs are made for just about any challenge you could set them, and it’s true! So we set the task to our users to find out what tales of toughness they could tell us about their chair, and they had some great stories. Here’s just a few.


Allen Adams, SA, Australia – Frontier V6 All Terrain user

“When I got my Magic Mobility wheelchair I felt as free as a bird.”

“I am a free going spirit and I consider myself an urban explorer. I appreciate not having to rely upon public transport, and the battery life of my wheelchair is fantastic.

One cold day I went to my main shopping centre via the golf course, but as I got around the centre it started pouring with rain. I did try to get public transport home, but in the end, I just battled it out. I got really wet, and so did my chair, but it handled it really well.

I’ve decided I’m a city cowboy and unstoppable. However, I could do with adding an umbrella holder.”


Angela Lupe, New York, US – Extreme X8 user

“But I let’er rip and off I went on the beach!”

“Every summer we visit a buddy that lives in Long Beach, NY. While there we always take our son to the beach and a couple guys get me on one of those beach wheelchairs to get me out to everyone. Then usually I’m stuck there for hours till we leave. But I’m extremely grateful that I can even do that!

“The first year with my Magic Mobility X8 I was hesitant to take it on to the sand because I didn’t know if it would actually work. But I let’er rip and off I went on the beach!

“I was like a kid at Christmas riding all over the place, even down towards the ocean being careful not to drive through the water. What an intense feeling! I was high on freedom, and I hadn’t felt that in a long time! Thank YOU so very much for giving me the opportunities and means that you have through the X8.  It opened my eyes to a whole realm of possibilities and allows me more time with the people I love.”


Bob Williams, QLD, Australia – Frontier V6 All Terrain user

“It gave me a lot of confidence.”

“I’ve been driving power wheelchairs for over 30 years and the first thing I noticed when getting into a Magic Mobility was the power of the chair. It gave me a lot of confidence.

“I particularly value the large wheels because they give me such a smooth ride. Near where we live there is a large lagoon and for years I wanted to get down to the shore, but the large gravel pieces on the paths prevented me. It’s not a problem in my Magic Mobility.

“Now my wife and I both have Magic Mobility chairs.”

Check out Bob’s video.




What’s the adventure you would love to go on if you could? We’d love to hear them!

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