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Teaching the abled world

There’s been a lot in the media recently about how people are finding it hard to get used to being isolated from their friends and family, particularly when we’re going through the lockdowns in various countries. But disabled people already know about what it means to be isolated and could teach the abled world a thing or two!

Social isolation is a big thing around the world right now, and a lot of disabled people are pointing out that it’s a lifestyle they’ve been long accustomed to!

A 2019 study found that 38 per cent of disabled-identified Canadians and 27 per cent of Canadians with mobility challenges who don’t identify as disabled experience high levels of social isolation and loneliness.

For example, USA based Frontier V6 All Terrain user Chad Pritts says “being in a wheelchair is like being held captive in a closed, white walled room with no pictures, TV, phone or internet.  It feels like a part of your freedom has been stripped away and are in permanent time out.”

But, as Chad knows, it’s important to respond to these challenges, and stay motivated. Getting into a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair has made all the difference to Chad in helping his mind and body stay active – even when being asked to isolate.

Chad knows he is fortunate to live on an acreage with lots of hills.

“Prior to owning the V6, I was not able to get up the hill to our back yard where there is a perfect high lookout spot to watch deer, turkey and various other wildlife,” he said.

“When I tackled the hill in the V6 I remember getting to the point where the other chairs started spinning out. But the V6 powered past without slipping a tyre.

“I felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest.”

“The sheer feeling of accomplishment and being free to do what I want without assistance.”

Chad’s advice is to get out there and deal with life’s challenges, and he’s got the perfect chair to help him.

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