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The art of the arm pad

Our engineering team work to ensure that your Magic Mobility powerchair can be tailored to you including down to what type of arm pad is fitted. Arm pads are designed for comfort, and because you’re constantly using them it’s important that you choose the right ones for your needs.

Magic Mobility engineer Lachie shares the arm pad options available and the secret to choosing the right one for you. This includes how they can be fitted with flip-up and flexi armrests.

Watch Lachie’s video where he talks about the arm pad options:


The foam filling plays an important part in making your arm pad comfortable.

This Frontier V6 Urban C73 has been fitted with a flexi arm rest and MPS arm pads

Each of the available arm pads can be filled with a softer or firmer foam, depending on your needs. The foam filling impacts the comfort and support levels of your arm pads. For example, softer foam can be beneficial for pressure care management, and firmer foam provides more support.

The available armrests are the MPS (maximum postural support), 50mm, 75mm, Gutter and Waterfall, Flip-up and Flexi arm pads. All of these options are manufactured at Magic Mobility’s factory here in Melbourne, Australia.

The MPS arm pad is designed for maximum support from the elbow to the wrist and contours to the MPS and rehab back.

The 50mm and 75mm armrests are best suited for when there is minimal bolster on the backrest, and can be fitted as close to the backrest as possible. These vary in width, with 50mm and 75mm options available.

The Gutter armrest provides optimal support for those who need to hold their arm in place. It features a gutter along the centre, to support the arm and help maintain its position.

The Waterfall arm pad offers side support for those with rehab seating systems. It features padding on the top and inner side of the armrest, to provide additional support for seats without bolsters.

Our team can work with you to ensure your arm pads are matched to your requirements. Are you interested customising a wheelchair to your needs and aspirations?  Contact us today to find out more.

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