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The drive to engineer all terrain solutions

Magic Mobility Founder Ash is determined to make the world a more accessible place, and to break down the boundaries that are created by terrain. He shares the inspiration behind Magic Mobility and why he’s determined to enable people with disability to experience a world that’s not flat.


Ash has always had a passion for helping others. 30 years ago, he was studying prosthetics and orthotics at University, and decided to take a gap year to work and make wheelchairs. That was the beginning of his career in assistive technology, and he never went back to finish his initial degree.

While he started his career making manual wheelchairs, Ash has expanded into creating all terrain power wheelchairs.

Ash enjoys the challenge of continually improving and staying at the forefront of wheelchair technology.

He’s passionate about wheelchair design, and enjoys working with clients to create a right mobility solution that’s tailored to them.

He describes his drive to create all terrain and 4×4 wheelchairs as simply seeking to level the playing field. “It’s a question of ‘why not?” Ash says. “Our customers should be able to get out and go wherever they want, and terrain shouldn’t prohibit them. The world’s not flat.”

He’s keen to keep learning new ways to improve wheelchairs for everyone which is something Magic Mobility can do as we are one of the only manufacturers that sell direct to customers. Dealing direct enables Ash and the team to get first-hand feedback. Throughout his experience, he’s discovered that many wheelchair users have different definitions of ‘all terrain’.

“What some people consider all terrain, other’s don’t,” Ash says. “It’s really important that we work with our customers to find them a wheelchair that will tackle their version of ‘all-terrain’ and ensure we can get them where they want to go.”

He’s proud of building wheelchairs with a focus on the people that are in them, including the custom innovations that are tailored to each person.

“Everyone is different, and everyone’s priorities are different.”

Ash loves the challenge of designing a custom feature that hasn’t been requested before. For him, the great reward is creating solutions that enhance the experience for the person in the wheelchair, and seeing them achieve their goals.

Are you interested in finding the right powerchair for your lifestyle? Contact us today to find a power wheelchair that will meet your needs.

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