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The key to all-day comfort at work

The key to all day comfort at workAnterior (Forward) Tilt

Anterior tilt option for the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 and Frontier V4

Anterior tilt option for the V6 and V4 makes transfers and working at a desk much simpler and easier.

For most wheelchair users, the ability to tilt forward is mainly associated with ease of transferring, but it can also be used to position yourself more comfortably. Tilting forward helps to bring you closer to a surface such as a desk or table, whilst allowing you to feel supported in a forward-leaning posture over longer periods of time.

On our popular Magic 360 powerchair, the seat mounting position combined with lift and tilt feature means you can tilt forward by up to 5°, which can make all the difference to your daily comfort. On Frontier V6 and Frontier V4 models, anterior tilt can be fitted as a separate power option, enabling up to 12° of forward tilt. Alternatively, it can also be added as part of the power lift and tilt option.

Magic Mobility Power Tilt fucntion

The Power tilt function allows for easy repositioning, taking the weight off your back to avoid discomfort.

Posterior (Backward) Tilt

The ability to tilt backwards is probably mentioned most often as a key to remaining comfortable over longer periods.

One benefit of titling backwards is that it makes postural adjustment much easier, helping to push back against the backrest and wriggle into a more comfortable position.

Power Tilt is available as an option on all models, as is the Lift and Tilt option. We note with interest that the US funding authority has recently acknowledged the necessity of powered lifts for safety and independence, so hopefully this will become easier to access for many of our users.

Many users rely on the power tilt feature to adjust their position, to reduce discomfort and improve pressure care.

Magic Mobility P\power elevating legrests are great for long work days.

Power elevating legrests help to flex the knees & stretch the hamstrings during long workdays in a powerchair.

Powered Leg Elevation

Another key to all-day comfort is the ability to elevate the lower legs. This is important to avoid pain associated with sitting in the same position for long periods, which many people experience in their knees or hamstrings.

If you suffer from discomfort and believe that any of these options might be the key to reducing or avoiding it, talk to your OT or get in touch with us for advice about getting fully fitted out for work.

Contact us or find your local agent to learn more about powered seat and leg options available for your chair.

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