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The keys to staying comfortable

Did you know that Magic Mobility users are more likely to spend more time in their powerchair each day in comparison to other brands? We know that this is because they are busy, involved and active people.

Magic Mobility users Nate, Blair and Jillian share how they stay comfortable in their Magic Mobility powerchairs.

Nate, from Auckland New Zealand, recently received his new Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) powerchair, and has been amazed by its off-road capabilities.

He has been really impressed by the comfort of the chair, particularly the smooth ride indoors and outside.

“The low-pressure 14” knobby tyres give me a smoother ride which is much appreciated anywhere outside the house,” Nate says.

Before getting his Frontier V4 RWD (rear wheel drive) Blair, from Brisbane Australia, relied on having someone else around to stretch his hamstrings when they got sore.

“I had to rely on others to put my legs up on a chair, and then take them back down again,” Blair says.

In his new Frontier V4 RWD, Blair chose to have electric leg rests installed, so now he can stretch his legs independently.

“The electric leg rests allow me to stretch my hamstring whenever I want, which is awesome.”

Jillian, from Virginia USA, loves to go off-road in her Extreme X8 but sometimes finds her back gets sore. She adjusts the angle of her MPS backrest to ease the pressure on her spine.

“My Extreme X8 allows me to go to the beach and enjoy time with friends and family.

“I don’t have to worry about my back getting sore, as I can recline and rest when my spine starts to hurt,” Jillian says.

Like Jillian, Frontier V6 Compact 73 user Ray uses the tilt power function to adjust his position and avoid aches and pains.

Ray says that he can spend up to 16 hours in his powerchair each day. His seating system was specifically chosen to ensure that he stays comfortable no matter how long he spends in his powerchair.

“The cushioned backrest and seat are key to staying comfortable, and the tilt function allows me to shift my weight from my backside and have a rest,” Ray says.

Are you interested in a mobility solution that keeps you comfortable all day? Contact us to find a dealer in your area.

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