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Crushing the Nut with the Extreme X8

The Nut at Stanley

The Nut at Stanley, Tasmania.

Taking on The Nut in Tasmania is a challenge even for the able-bodied. But for Chris Symonds, he was determined to tackle it in his powerchair. And what better chair to do it in than the Extreme X8?

Chris wants you to know that with the right support and equipment, he’s just as capable as an able-bodied person. And just to prove that point he tackled The Nut, a sheer-sided bluff which is the remnants of an ancient volcano in remote and wild northern Tasmania.


Managing outdoor paths and offroad in the Extreme X8

Taking on the extremes in the Extreme X8.

How did he do it, and how did it go?

Chris did it in an Extreme X8. Living with Kennedy’s Disease, a neurological condition similar to MND, Chris is familiar with the wild outdoors. A professional racing sailor for over 50 years, Chris is not known for letting anything get in his way.

Chris secured his Extreme X8 in November 2020, and it wasn’t long before he’d fitted his Extreme X8 into his van and had decided that The Nut was the challenge he needed to take on.

An hour-long circuit for walkers at over 4.6 kilometres, The Nut comes with hazardous sheer cliffs and warning signs. It’s not for the faint-hearted as the track has short, steep hill sections and areas with stairs.

In other words, perfect for the Extreme X8.

The Extreme X8 powerchair handles stairs and kerbs with ease.

The Extreme X8 handles steps and kerbs with ease.

Tackling the outdoors in the Extreme X8.

Taking on The Nut at Stanley in the Extreme X8.

Chris completed the round trek without raising a sweat, declaring that “nothing much stops me now”, and that the Extreme X8 gives him massive amounts of independence and freedom.

Chris’s desire for unbridled adventure has given him a brand new lease on life, now that he’s in an Extreme X8.

Chris encourages everyone to talk with their Occupational Therapist about the importance of getting outside and enjoying the natural world.


Are you keen on seeing more and doing more? Get in touch and we can get you in an X8 just like Chris.



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