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The Top 3 powerchair accessories

Make your chair your own – choose your upgrades!

What do you think the top accessories for your chair are? It’s one thing to have grunt, robustness and the ability to move seamlessly through all sorts of terrains. It’s quite another to have all the latest accessories at your fingertips. With a Magic Mobility, we think it’s important you have both!

Take a look at the top 3 accessories that take your Magic Mobility from great to amazing.



No. 1 Top Accessory – Technology Mounts

A RAM mount makes connections easier.

Googling the best sales deals, accessing maps, sending a tweet or a text – you can’t go past RAM® X-Grip®. It is one of the best-selling, most trusted device mounts on the market. The X-Grip® provides simple mounting and a secure hold for phones and tablets of all sizes. It can handle the extreme treatment you can put your powerchair under and keep your smartphone safe.

A range of RAM® mounts are available for work and play including:

  • swing away tablet holder
  • tablet holder
  • swing away camera mount
  • attendant cup holder
  • action camera holder
  • level cup holder


No. 2 Top Accessory – Loud Horn

Nothing beats a LOUD horn!

Developed in direct response to our customer feedback, we made the LOUD horn.

So many of our clients complain that they seem invisible in an able-bodied world so we developed the LOUD horn to let others know exactly where you are!

It’s in tone with the joystick beeper, and can be easily accessed with a button on the joystick control panel.

It can be retrofitted onto any Magic Mobility powerchair.



No. 3 Top Accessory – Charging Station

In a powered wheelchair, you’re host to one of the most valuable things people need when they are on the go. Power.

Perfect for charging on the go – the multi charger.

Perfect for charging on the go – the multi charger.

Nothing becomes quite as important as charging your devices when they are running low, and you’re on the move. Enter the accessory charger for two or three USB devices.

The accessory charger for 12V & USB devices allows you to charge up to three external devices from your wheelchair.  The following sockets are available:

  • 1 x 12V device (up to 5 Amps) – the 12V device uses a standard “cigarette” style connector
  • 1 x 5V USB device (up to 1 Amp)
  • 1 x 5V USB device (up to 2.1 Amps)


Accessory charger (2 x USB ports)

The accessory charger for USB devices allows you to charge up to two external devices from your wheelchair via 2 x 5V USB devices (up to 2.1 Amps). Our accessory chargers can be fitted to all Magic Mobility powerchairs which use the R-Net system.  The charger is mounted on the same side as the joystick and is fitted beneath the armrest unless otherwise requested.

What are your favourite accessories? What does your chair need that would make your life so much better? Maybe there’s an accessory we haven’t thought of yet! Drop us a note and let us know!

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