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Tips and Tricks from those in the know

After asking some of our users and in-house engineers, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your powerchair.

Learn how to safely climb curbs, and how to best care for your batteries and tyres so that you can push your boundaries and get more out of your day.

Magic Mobility powerchairs have great off-road capacity that can help you go where you want.

This includes climbing up and down curbs when crossing a road, or to get off the beaten path.

Extreme X8 user Henry recommends using the steering lock option, if you have it, when going up or down a curb, which provides a greater straight-line stability.

Alternatively, we recommend using a direct approach and driving your powerchair straight up the curb, to greatly reduce the risk of your chair tipping over. Don’t approach a curb too quickly, and accelerate with caution until you have safely reached the other side.

Watch and see how Henry climbs curbs in his Extreme X8.

Caring for your battery means that it will hold its charge longer, and will be able to take you more places.

Always fully charge your batteries before you use your powerchair which you can easily do overnight. Remember that a new battery will take longer to achieve full charge, but the time required to charge it will decrease over time. Initially you may find that you have to limit the amount of time that you use your chair during the “run in” period as battery capacity is reduced. This is very normal. Charging your battery for short periods can shorten its life. However, overcharging can be detrimental to your battery too.

Watch our “Caring for your new batteries” video.

Don’t forget to look after your tyres too, as they’re the key to getting you where you need to go.

We recommend checking your tyre pressure weekly, and making sure they’re at the correct pressure, which will also ensure you have good stability and help your battery performance too! Check your owners manual for the recommended optimum operating pressure, and don’t forget that this can change depending on the terrain. Lower tyre pressures provide more traction in mud, sand and snow.

Are you interested in going where you want to go in one of Magic Mobility’s powerchairs? Contact us today to trial a powerchair in your area.

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