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Top 3 Resets for Your Powerchair

Close up of the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 C73

Top tips to keep your powerchair in tip top condition.

We get it. Your powerchair is a bit of a mystery sometimes. It can take some time to get to know it and understand what kind of power you’re controlling.

We chatted to Rowen, our Sales Manager, and asked him to tell us what his three best pieces of wisdom are.

Rowen was pretty clear that there’s lots to know about your chair – and the manual is one of the best places to get the info you need. But he had a couple of gems you might not think about.


Magic mobility moving fast off road

Tips and hints to keep you moving.

Reset 1 – Tame the lurch

Magic Mobility chairs are powerful and robust, no doubt about that. But some of us aren’t really prepared for the sudden rush of power you can get when you’re in a Magic powerchair.

Rowen’s advice? If you’re not a fan of the power, then utilise the five speed profiles on your joystick to tame down the power delivery. Think of the profiles as gears. Go hard if you need and pull back when you don’t.


Magic Mobility joystick controller

Avoid the red and orange turtle by checking your chair is ready to roll.

Reset 2 – My speed is inhibited

Got yourself an orange turtle? You won’t be able to go as fast you’d like. It is our warning symbol to tell you that you’ve elevated your chair past a particular point and your speed is limited to 20%.

Or if you’ve got a docking pin fitted to your chair, you might find it’s lowered. Lower the lift and pull in the pin, and you’ll go back to full speed.

If you’re getting a red turtle, this is to show that you’ve tilted your chair past a safe point to drive and you need to straighten up to be able to move again.

Check out our short video on joystick trouble shooting for more information.


One of our engineers working on Magic Mobility seat.

Tightening loose nuts and bolts prevents problems later on.

Reset 3 – Loose nuts

We fully anticipate that those keen to tackle the outdoors in our chairs will take the challenge seriously. When you own a robust Magic Mobility powerchair and you use it the way it’s intended, you can shake a few things loose.

The quickest way to prevent any problems is to make sure you check over all your exposed nuts and bolts, and make sure none are wriggling loose.

A quick wipe down at the same time will keep the mud and dust out of the moving parts.

It goes without saying that your manual is the best place to get all the right info. And if you ever need a helping hand, just get in touch with the team.





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