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Travel the world in your powerchair

Ray Jordan in his Magic Mobility V6 C73 powerchair.

Ray is a busy man. He splits his year between Melbourne, Australia and the US. He runs a home-based business and runs a voluntary network of people interested in improving the accessibility of public transport. Ray is always on the move. So how does he do it?

“I travel regularly, sometimes interstate but mostly overseas. I live about half the year with my wife in the USA. She is also a power wheelchair user. Since neither of us drive, we use public transport everywhere we go. We have visited many major cities in the US together and have figured out how to navigate them by public transport”.

“After all that, I don’t really have time for hobbies. But since my business involves manufacturing and technology, I do enjoy studying electronics, programming, business and economics during periods of down-time.

I received my first Magic Mobility wheelchair in early 2015. Before that, I had owned one powerchair and a couple of manual wheelchairs.

The transition from my old powerchair to my new Magic Mobility Frontier V6 C73 was a bit of a revelation. It was what I imagined it would be like getting out of a Holden Kingswood into a M series BMW.

The Frontier V6 C73 is faster, more agile, handles better, looks better and has more features. Chalk and cheese really.

It took a little while to learn to drive the C73 properly though, because it was so much faster and more agile. While you always want that little bit more speed, especially when running to catch a train or bus, it’s about as fast as you can safely drive on many of the dodgy footpaths you encounter around town.


Ray Jordan and his wife enjoying their cruise in Central and South America.

In 2015 we took a cruise that went through the Panama Canal and stopped in Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico along the way. The elevate function was really handy for raising up to a position where I could see over the side rails of the ship, along with all the other people, as the ship passed through the lochs.

The superior handling of the Frontier V6 C73 was also handy as we traversed the rough streets while rolling around various cities including Cartagena and Acupulco.

My fiancée at the time, now my wife, and I in our powerchairs certainly turned some heads. I guess it’s something they don’t see every day and I hope we showed that just because you’re a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you need to be stuck at home.

Tilt and elevate functions are not only important; they are essential in ordinary day-to-day life. Tilt functions allows you to reposition or lay back and rest in order to relieve pain when it’s not practical to transfer out of the chair. Elevate functions allow you to reach higher shelves at home or at the store. Elevate allows you to adjust your seating height so you can sit at a bar, look over a short wall or have a conversation with someone who is standing.

I use a powerchair because otherwise I would be stuck in bed all day.”

Magic Mobility’s Frontier V6 C73 is great for navigating tight spaces such as airports and public transport. It’s now available with Group 3 funding in the USA. Click here to view the video or here to request a demo in your local area.

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