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What to expect when trialling a powerchair

The only way you can work out what kind of chair is right for you is to trial it.

Aleacia being fitted in her Magic 360 powerchair.

The demonstration process begins with an initial consultation. It is at this first meeting that we truly get to understand the kind of life you want to live, the things you love to do and how your current chair might be limiting your choices.

We chat with you about what kind of seating you need, your specific desires and wishes. Plus, you also get a chance to find out more about each of our chairs and we discuss which chair you think might be right for you.

At Magic Mobility we spend time listening to you about what you need. It’s crucial we get a real understanding about what’s important in your world. You might love gardening, or really enjoy getting out of the house to the shops. You might have kids and need a chair that will fit into their busy worlds.

We want to learn everything about you so that we can help set goals and reset expectations for what is possible!

The best way to know if a chair works for you is to trial it at home.

The next stage is to get into a demo chair either at home, at our Melbourne showroom or supported through our range of distributors and agents.

We encourage you to come to our showroom so that we can show you the widest range of chairs. Our showroom has an indoor test track, and our surrounding grounds allow you to test grassy slopes, curbs, cafes, doorways, bathrooms and kitchen environment. Our facility adheres to strict COVID safe principles.

We suggest preparing for that demonstration session by:

  • Work out where you want to go. Make note of specific places you need to go, or obstacles that you need to get over/through (like doorways or kerbs)
  • Having any attendants, carers or family members with you to ensure the powerchair and set up will work for them too
  • Having a list of your goals and lifestyle needs ready, so you can see whether the chair will enable you to do what you want and go where you want

It’s best to be prepared and make the most out of your demo to ensure you’re confident in your knowledge of the powerchair, and your decision.

Delivery of a Magic 360 right to your door.

The demonstration can take place in your own home, so you can ensure it meets your needs for daily tasks and any challenges you might have.

While the demonstration is usually only for a few hours, you can also request an extended demonstration. This can be helpful if you feel that you need to spend more time trialling the chair or having the set up changed slightly before you make your decision. Our team will also discuss your suitable accessories and modifications that will help you achieve your goals.

Following the demonstration, our team will provide you and your therapist with a quote for your powerchair. We will be available to answer any further questions you may have in relation to funding and pricing.

Are you interested in having a demonstration or a trial in a Magic Mobility powerchair? Contact us to find an agent in your area.

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