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Trialling to ensure you’re choosing the right powerchair

Extreme X8 user Nicky from New South Wales spent years researching to find the right wheelchair to suit her coastal lifestyle.

After years of dreaming about being able to go on the sand and play with her children, Nicky’s dreams came true when she received her Extreme X8.

Watch the Extreme X8 in action!

Nicky says that being able to get back to the beach after 35 years of accepting that she couldn’t, was incredibly liberating.

“I was constantly looking on the Magic Mobility website and looking at YouTube videos,” Nicky said. “I hoped that one day I could be having as much fun as the people in the videos.”

For Nicky, having a demonstration with the Extreme X8 confirmed that she was choosing the right wheelchair for her needs.

Nicky now enjoys long walks on the beach and exploring areas she couldn’t get to before.

“It was absolutely exhilarating the first time I got in my very own Extreme X8,” she said. “Wheeling off the boardwalk and onto the sand made me feel alive and very happy.

“The level of independence I experienced on that day has not left me.”

In her Extreme X8, Nicky is able to go on adventures with her children, and with other children in her neighbourhood. She also enjoys gardening and growing citrus to make lemon cordial.

Nicky enjoys the independence her powerchair affords. She loves being able to access the beach and go for walks without relying on others to take her out and push her wheelchair.

“The best thing of all is not feeling ‘stuck’,” Nicky says. “I can just move away, go wherever I want, whenever I want.”

She has been able to further participate in workplace activities, like professional development activities outdoors.

In her Extreme X8, Nicky can go to the beach with her children

Nicky finds it hard to pick just one thing she loves about her Extreme X8. “I love everything about my chair, but I probably could not live without the bag carry hooks on the back.” She uses the hooks to carry a bag of beach towels, buckets and spades, and other beach paraphernalia for walks to the beach with her family.

She also goes on adventures with a friend who lives locally and also has an Extreme X8.

Nicky loves being stopped in the street and sharing information about her powerchair. She encourages as many people as she can find to trial an Extreme X8 wheelchair.

“I waited way too long to buy mine,” she says. “I should have made it a priority years ago.”

Are you interested in trialling a Magic Mobility powerchair? Contact us today to find a dealer in your local area.

If you are in the USA, contact Innovation in Motion to discuss the demo process directly with their experienced sales team.

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