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Upgrade your extreme adventures

Magic Mobility is well known for supporting off-road adventurers – those powered wheelchairs that push the boundaries of the extremes.

Use your powerchair to get out in the great outdoors – near or far.

It’s easy to assume that our powered wheelchairs are only for the adventurous, but nothing could be further from the truth!


Here’s a handful of upgrades that could give you the edge in your terrain – whether you’re navigating the city streets, hilly footpaths and driveways or tackling high country paths.


Stability Roller on the Extreme X8.

Stability Roller

Improving your stability on inclines, the roller can be added to the Extreme X8.

They’re an added measure of safety and peace of mind to help keep you upright, particularly for steep hills and inclines, or where unexpected potholes and uneven ground might be of concern.

The Stability Roller comes in either a single roller or a 2-wheel model.


Angle Detection

We also have an inclinometer for all wheelchair models. That’s just a fancy word for measuring the incline of steep hills and stopping you from driving when you’re trying to tackle a dangerous one.


Lifting Rings fitted on the Extreme X8.

Lifting Rings

Safely move your Extreme X8 snug and tight when it’s being lifted into position.

Although they are not designed as vehicle tie-down points and certainly not to be used when anyone is in the chair, the specially designed lifting rings allow you to hoist your Extreme X8 onto utes or flatbeds.

They are located on four points on the chair, one on each wheel, and tested to a maximum load of 250kg.

Lifting Rings are an easy, safe way of transporting your chair from A to B.


Elevate your adventures by personalising your chair in a range of ways.

Premium Hydro Wraps

Personalising your chair has never been easier, you can turn the body of your Extreme X8 into the chair of your dreams. Choose from Flames Fury, Forest Camo and Army Camo, as well as a wealth of colour choices to really make your chair sing!

Add a set of black or silver-rimmed wheels, and choose a tyre that matches your world, and you’re ready to take on any environment – from the wild outdoors to the real life urban challenges.

Play around with personalising the body of your chair on our website.

Got a wish list for accessories and upgrades? Get in touch! You can also suggest an accessory or an upgrade for your chair, and we might be able to make it for you!


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