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Steps to changing your wheels

Don’t let your wheels hold you back. The wheels are so easy to swap out using our jack accessory.

Give yourself the ultimate freedom – check out these simple steps for changing out a wheel.

Step 1:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Make sure you’ve jacked up your powered wheelchair before starting. Loosen the central nut and remove it

Step 2:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Remove the wheel

Step 3:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Remove the drive wheel key from the centre of the wheel

Step 4:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Replace the drive wheel key back into the groove on top of the axle

Step 5:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Place your wheel of choice onto the axle

Step 6:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Tighten the bolt by hand first, to secure it in place

Step 7:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Then tighten the bolt with a ratchet

Step 8:

electric wheelchair wheel change

Let down the chair by releasing the jack

Step 9:

Double-check all of the bolts are tight, then you’re good to go!

Watch our short video below, where we demonstrate this process on a Frontier V6 – it’s as simple as 1,2,3!

Want more information about how simple it is to maintain and operate a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair?

Get in touch! We can tell you all about them.

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