Power Lift

With 30 cm (12 inch) elevation, the power lift function on our motorised wheelchairs can open up new worlds and possibilities for wheelchair users. The benefits of this are numerous, but here are some important ones:

Independence: By having  the lift, you may be able to live more independently by having greater accessibility to the things you need and love to do

Reach: It is simply easier to reach items when you are in the elevated position. The 30 cm of lift is easily noticeable, making reaching things like light switches and checkout counters that much easier.

Increased views: Sitting at a concert or sports game doesn’t always give you the best experience, especially if everybody around you is standing and you can’t see through the crowd. 30 cm of elevation gives you just what you need to be at standing height, making these standing experiences much more enjoyable.

Social interaction: The 30cm lift makes social interaction much easier and more enjoyable.

For children: Being at eye level to their fellow classmates and friends through the use of the power lift function can help reduce the negative stigma that may affect young wheelchair users. This can result in more enriching positive experiences for your child.

It can be quite frustrating for a wheelchair user to sit in a crowded room where everybody else is standing. This is because those standing often appear taller than the wheelchair user, even if they are shorter in actual height. The optional power lift function available with all Magic Mobility power chairs helps to fix this problem.

Power Tilt

Magic Mobility power tilt gives you 50° of tilt, allowing for convenient weight shift and postural changes. This is a great feature as it allows you to stay comfortable in your seating for a longer period of time, while reducing the likelihood of pressure sores and other side-effects that may occur by being seated for too long.

Power tilt is also extremely useful for when descending steep slopes, as it puts more weight on the drive wheels, increasing stability. It also gives confidence to the driver when descending steep slopes as it also reduces the lurching feeling and reduces the risk of overbalancing. The reverse of this means that wheelchair drivers must be sure not to ascend inclines when the power chair is tilted.

All of our power functions, including tilt, can be used in combination with each other. For example, a combination of powered functions can give you an even greater degree of weight shift, improving comfort.

Power Recline

Magic Mobility power recline allows for postural adjustments and weight shift. For many of our customers, reclining their power chair greatly benefits the comfort and independence, enabling people to stay seated for longer while also reducing the risk of aches, pains and pressure sores.

All of our power functions, including recline, can be used in combination with each other. For example, power recline used in combination with powered elevating legrests allows you to lie down when needed.

Also important to note is the fact that the user can still drive the Magic Mobility power wheelchair when it is in the recline position. This is useful and convenient for many people, but should be used only when the chair is on even terrain in order to ensure maximum safety and stability.

Power Leg-Rests

Magic Mobility offers two types of power leg-rests. Centre mounted powered elevating and powered swing-away.

The powered leg-rests assist with pressure relief and circulation issues and combined with the power recline function, provides a great lie down function for greater comfort.

Centre Mount Power Elevating Leg-rests self extend when moving into the raised position, ensuring your knees are not pushed into a bend. Coupled with the power recline function above, these leg rests enable you to reach an effective lie down position. Very handy for all sorts of uses!

Retractable Docking Pin

Our Retractable Docking Pin gives you the freedom to drive a car whenever you choose. You operate the Docking Pin via a joystick, simply pressing a button to give you ease of movement.  The docking pin locks into position, giving you greater confidence.

Docking pins are not new, but at Magic Mobility we went one step further. When our docking pin is not in use, it retracts safely inside the wheelchair frame. So, reduced ground clearance, particularly when travelling over uneven terrains or catching on curbs and other obstacles is now a thing of the past.

  • Increases safety and ground clearance (by approx. 45mm)
  • Fully crash tested to ISO
  • Designed for use with most existing docking stations (5/8″Pin)
  • Slows drive speed to 10% when down for safety
  • Available on Frontier V6 mid wheel drive and V4 front and rear wheel drive models.  Can be retrofitted into older models
  • “Most Innovative New Product for 2016” at The ATSA Independent Living Expo

Note:  Not available in conjunction with transfer tilt

Transfer Tilt

Transfer Tilt is an underseat option with anterior tilt, enabling the wheelchair user to transfer independently. With the seat front tilted forward at 10 degrees, it’s easier to step in and out of the wheelchair without the assistance of carers. Wheelchair users who drive a car in their wheelchair will find that the Transfer Tilt will enable their wheelchair seat front to fit under the steering wheel easier.

The Transfer Tilt can be fitted to Frontier V6 mid wheel drive and Frontier V4 front wheel drive wheelchairs fitted with Lift and Tilt or Tilt only options. Please note that Transfer Tilt is not available in conjunction with the Retractable Docking Pin.