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Why power is so important for your terrain

Magic Mobility powerchairs are engineered to take you where you want to go. Our team designs power wheelchairs that tackle your terrain, whether that’s urban, suburban, or off-road.

Getting where you want to go and back again comes down to your power wheelchair’s motors, tyres and batteries. From getting off-road and off the map in the Extreme X8, through to the flexible and compact Frontier V4, we’ll take you through the power options and why they’re optimal for their terrain.

The Extreme X8

The Extreme X8 is designed to take you off-road, on any terrain. It’s driven by four independent, high speed, high torque and high efficiency motors. These are 68Nm Torque, 700W gear in line motors, designed to drive one wheel each. This guarantees the power you need when going off-road. While these motors bring the Extreme X8 up to a top speed of 10km/h (6.2mph), they provide more than just speed. The motors are extremely powerful, with the high torque maintaining your momentum over rough terrain at any speed.

The Extreme X8 is powered by two 73Ah gel deep cell batteries, which are low-maintenance and resistant to vibration and shock. Just as torque is important to maintaining your momentum over obstacles, the right batteries, when taken care of, will ensure your power wheelchair has enough energy to get where you want to go.

The power of the batteries and motors are coupled with 14” knobby tyres, which make for an unstoppable off-road power wheelchair that will give you the freedom you always knew you had.

The Frontier V6

The Frontier V6 mid-wheel drive chairs are designed to meet your outdoor challenges and adapt to any environment. With a combination of tyre options, the Frontier V6 is the ultimate indoor-outdoor power wheelchair. It’s driven by two powerful 68Nm 800W gear in line motors. Like its 4×4 counterpart, the Frontier V6 range has a top speed of 10km/h (6.2mph). The motors are high torque, with a great capacity for off-road adventuring.

A majority of the Frontier V6 range is powered by two 73Ah deep cell gel batteries, with the exception of the Frontier V6 Compact 40, which is powered by two 40Ah deep cell gel batteries. Gel batteries are perfect for powering wheelchairs, as they are low maintenance and vibration and shock resistant. These batteries ensure your motors have enough energy to take where you want to go, no matter the terrain.

The Frontier V6 All-Terrain (AT) has 14” Knobby tyres as standard, which give excellent traction for off-road adventures. They also give the most comfortable ride, running at a lower pressure. Alternatively, Hybrid tyres are more compact and very versatile for use indoors and outdoors. Hybrid tyres come as standard with the Frontier V6 Hybrid, and the Frontier V6 Compacts.

The Frontier V4

The Frontier V4 rear and front-wheel drive powerchairs are flexible and ideal for those who want indoor and outdoor capabilities with a more compact footprint. Like the Frontier V6, the V4 has two tyre options to suit your lifestyle. It is driven by two powerful 68Nm 800W gear in line motors, which are powered by two 73Ah deep cell gel batteries.

The combination of long-range batteries and powerful motors ensures that your power wheelchair is up to the challenge whether you’re indoors, outdoors or off the beaten path. The choice of wheels adds to the powerchair’s off-road performance, with the 14” knobby tyres giving optimal off-road performance and a smoother ride.

With the Frontier V4, the drive train also plays a big role in your all terrain capacity. While both rear-wheel drive (RWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) models can be fitted with either 14” knobby tyres or hybrid tyres, the RWD model will have improved capabilities off-road. The RWD is designed to have a majority of the wheelchair’s weight over the drive wheel, which gives excellent control, climbing and tracking, particularly when combined with the improved traction of the 14” knobby tyre.

Are you interested in finding the right powerchair for your terrain? Contact us today to find a power wheelchair that will meet your needs.

Magic Mobility powerchairs have electric motors and must *never* be driven through water, into creeks, rivers or the sea.

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