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Work-life balance

Magic Mobility powerchairs help users achieve their work goals

Magic Mobility powerchair users want to be able to support themselves, pursue their vocation, and earn respect as contributing members of their community. For some, the only way to realise these goals is to be equipped with a high-end powerchair that is suitable for their needs.

Mark needs a robust, reliable powerchair to work in the city.

Australian Magic Mobility user Mark Brown relies on his Frontier V6 Hybrid to do his office job in Melbourne‘s CBD. For Mark, it’s not just about doing a job he enjoys, it’s also knowing that he’s financially independent rather than having to rely on welfare.

“I’m really living my dream of being a taxpayer, which is what I’ve always wanted to do. I have a job that involves knowledge and ideas and communicating.”

And Mark points out that he can’t do that without a robust, reliable powerchair.

“I need my power chair to be robust and reliable because if it is not reliable then I can’t be reliable for my employers and my clients.”

“I’ve put this chair through a lot of abuse and punishment. I have crashed into a lot of things when I wasn’t looking where I was going. So, this chair has had a lot of wear and tear and I have put it through a lot of stress, but I am never worried that it is going to fail on me.”

A Magic Mobility wheelchair makes Timothy more independent in all aspects of his daily living

Timothy’s chair enables the independence he needs to work as a contractor and volunteer, helping others with a disability to find employment.

Timothy Steinbrink lives in Michigan where he works as a consultant on projects that assist people with disabilities seeking employment, and also volunteers at the local ARC in his area working with people seeking employment. He explains why a reliable powerchair is essential to his – and others’ – working life.

“Basically, the chair made me more independent in all aspects of my daily living activities especially doing things on my own versus with help. My health, safety, and well-being are tied to this chair in a way that if I didn’t have one it would compromise all aspects of my life.”

Timothy is a strong advocate for equipping people with powerchairs that enable this sort of self-sufficiency. “My OT and PT were very supportive and willing to put the documentation together that showed how this specific powerchair would help me maintain my current independence, as well as broaden my horizons outside of my home.

Matching chairs to disabilities does not work; matching wheelchairs to people and their specific needs always works.

“I wish everybody involved in the process of assisting someone with getting a wheelchair would take a more person-centred approach, rather than following the old ‘medical’ model.”

Sue in her new Magic Mobility Extreme X8 allows her to care for her grandchildren

Sue can care for her seven grandkids as an active participant in their outdoor activities thanks to her Extreme X8.

And it’s not always paid employment that’s important. Sue Smith is a grandmother with MD who’s often called upon for childcare. When she got her new Magic Mobility Extreme X8 it made all the difference to the quality of her care – and the quality of her life.

“We got it a couple of months ago and took it to the playground with the grandkids first. It was great. I went through the sandy playground with the kids instead of sitting on the outside.”

Being a part of the action rather than a passive observer is really important to Sue.

“We went to see the Alpacas at Canungra. It was so good. I could participate with the kids instead of just watching.” Now she’s equipped for off-road grandparenting, Sue is planning to take the grandkids camping at the beach.

Michael Archer is a single father based in Queensland, Australia. He told us: “The ability to enter a bedroom without door widening was a major plus, as well as the ability to turn smoothly and effectively in tight areas. The lift and tilt function has been a god send for me due to my height. The chair can bring me to a near standing level. I can reach the top shelf of a cupboard with great ease. The chair’s ability to negotiate various terrains is amazing. I’ve been able to access my neighbourhood and local parks with ease and no fear of tipping and falling due to exposed roots and tripping hazards.

Michael Archer relies on his Magic Mobility Frontier V6 C40 powerchair to manage his various work roles

Michael’s housework as a single father is made much easier and quicker by his small and manoeuvrable V6 Compact.

The other afternoon my daughter and I went to Night Owl near home for a snack, we travelled about two kilometres and the chair handled the trip with great ease, it was great getting out and about in the fresh air and my daughter had never done this before with me. The chair accessed the shop easily with no issues and the trip was so comfortable, using the chair is giving me more confidence getting out and about more with each day.”

If you have the will to work, we have the powerchairs that make it possible.

Listening to these and many other users’ stories makes it clear why a safe, reliable, and comfortable powerchair is an essential tool for working life – whatever type of job you’re doing.

To get on with the job, you need a chair that keeps you comfortable all day, can travel long distances over difficult terrain, and that you can rely upon being built tough so that it won’t be easily damaged. Add on the lift function which allows you to be at eye level and access high places and you’re all set!

To find out more about which type of Magic Mobility powerchairs might be right for your working life, get in touch with your local Magic Mobility dealer or send us an inquiry explaining your challenge.


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