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Out on the farm

Working on the farm with peace of mind thanks to Magic Mobility powerchairs

Farm workers rely on off-road mobility to get their job done. That’s why Magic Mobility provides users working on farms with ‘go anywhere confidence’. Knowing that their powerchair will handle any terrain safely is the number one requirement for getting on with their working day.

Julie relies on her Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT to look after her chickens

Julie values her ability to look after her animals without worrying about getting stuck or tipping over.

Julie relies on her Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT to look after her llamas and chickens on her farm in New Zealand. She says, “With my Magic chair I can circumnavigate my farm, which I could not do with the previous chair. This allows me to maintain my trapping line, keep an eye on pest weeds and make sure I don’t miss any activity going on with my livestock”.

Julie uses her V6 AT to do more than just care for her livestock. “I have llamas which I use in fundraising for various organisations such as the Cancer Society or the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). I also take them to rest homes to lift the spirits of the old folk.”

“I am very involved in the New Zealand Llama Association and through that, deal with a lot of different people helping with their llama needs. I also breed and sell and show Houdan chickens. All of these animals keep me very busy, and active.”

Dan relies on his Magic Mobility V6 AT to train winners

Dan Hendrix kept on training race horses after his motocross accident thanks to his Frontier V6 AT.

Featured in a US Fox News article some time ago, Dan Hendrix spoke about how he relies on his Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT to get on with his day job. A life-long horse trainer, Dan ‘s motocross accident left him with a spinal injury that put him in a wheelchair. Only 6 weeks later, equipped with his new V6 AT, Dan was back at the track and back on the job training winners. Dan tells us:

“I don’t think that I’m an inspiration. I’m an example that just because you’re paralysed or something happens to you, it doesn’t mean life ends for you.”

Getting out and about on his property, Michael enjoys the freedom of his Magic Mobility Extreme X8

Equipped with his extreme X8, US Veteran Michael plans to grow hops to sell to local microbreweries.

Michael Trost is a US Veteran who lives on 6 acres in Maryland. He explained how his Magic Mobility Extreme X8 made it possible for him to go back to work.

“Freedom. I was able to see parts of the farm that I have not been able to access in 4 years. I had 17 guys that I served with in Iraq in 2004 come to the farm for a reunion. The team worked on projects all over the farm. I was able to manoeuvre all over the property and participate with my guys!”. Now that he can get back out and about on his property, Michael plans to start a hops farm and commercially grow crops for local microbreweries.

For people with a love of animals, life outdoors and the richness of nature, being able to work on a farm is more than just a job. As Julie explained:

“Having the ability to be outdoors with my animals has made me stronger physically, and emotionally it has made my life worth living again.”

Julie Insley enjoys caring for her animals on her farm using her Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT

Julie demonstrates that being able to work on her farm is much more than a job!

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