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Your Chair, Your Life

A range of accessories are available to help your chair adapt as you grow.

Magic Mobility powerchairs can be easily adapted to evolve with your changing needs.

As a Greek historian pointed out more than 2500 years ago, nothing is permanent except change. While every Magic Mobility user is a unique individual with their own specific mix of abilities, challenges and aspirations, we all share the same basic need to manage and cope with change as we make our way through life.

For users recovering from disabling injuries, change can be a very positive process, as new skills are acquired or abilities restored. For those living with degenerative conditions, change can often be perceived more negatively, as capabilities may decline and fragility grows.

In both cases, the opportunity to make the most of life on a day-to-day basis depends on being equipped with the right assistive technology to deal with the  challenges that you face each and every day.

The base of every Magic Mobility powerchair comes with the all-terrain power, robustness, ride comfort and reliability you need to adapt to practically any new challenge. However, other components of your chair are often specifically tailored or configured to meet your unique needs and challenges, which may have evolved over time.

We recommend two simple strategies to ensure you’re making the most of your Magic Mobility powerchair.

1. Regularly review your AT ‘gaps’

The Magic Mobility powerchair backrest can be adpated for yuour changing needs.

Regularly review your powerchair to check for any gaps in your needs.

Whether you rely on public funding or private resources, it’s a good idea to engage your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist for an assessment at least once a year. They can help assess the suitability of your powerchair’s seating, legrests and other accessories in light of your current needs.

For example, a user who is going back to work may need phone or tablet mounts added, or improved connectivity to engage online. Someone with decreasing core strength may require better support straps or maybe even an upgrade to fully adjustable backrests and tilt, to minimise pressure damage or pain.

Whatever the gap, Magic Mobility can offer the upgrade you require to suit your needs.

These periodical reviews should consider factors such as seating, legrests, armrests, bracing such as belts or leg straps, and any other accessories that may need to be added or modified such as tray tables, multi-functional controllers or various accessory mounts to assist daily life.

Click here to view our large range of upgrade options.


2. Keep up with the latest innovations

Magic 360 Retractable Docking Pin

Vehicle docking pins allow for safe and secure car travel.

We continue to listen to your feedback and produce tailored, configurable solutions.

Our regular newsletter and our social media posts are great ways to keep informed about new technologies or innovations being added to our range.

We’re constantly developing modular components that deliver functionality which would previously have required a custom build.

Magic Mobility puncture resistant tyre liners

Puncture resistant tyre liners minimise risks in off-road situations.

Recent examples of such innovations include:

  • Vehicle docking pins that allow users to get in and out of their cars
  • Puncture-resistant tyre liners that minimise the risk of getting stuck in an off-road situation
  • New powered swingaway legrests that allow users to get in and out of their chair more easily and, in some cases, without assistance
  • An Anterior Tilt seat function that also helps unassisted users get in and out of bed


While each comes at a price, that cost is often negligible compared to the benefit of increasing the user’s independence in daily life.

To find out more about the latest Magic Mobility powerchair innovations, get in touch with your local Magic Mobility dealer or send us an enquiry explaining your challenge – we’d love to help!

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