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A map to driving with a disability

Driving is an important part of life. Magic Mobility users Timothy, Peta and Shelley all shared the stories of why driving is so important to them, and how they go further in their wheelchairs.

In addition to their tips, we’ve rounded up some other wheelchair customisations and features that can help you drive in or with your wheelchair.

Lifting Rings

Lifting rings have been designed for the Extreme X8, as special attachment points for straps to hoist the powerchair into the back of a truck or trailer. This makes transporting your powerchair larger distances much easier.

Please note that these lifting rings are not crash tested, nor are they to be used as a restraint point. They must never be used while the wheelchair is occupied.

Fold Forward Backrest

Another option for travelling with your wheelchair is the fold forward backrest, which reduces the height of your wheelchair so it can fit into the back of a SUV, wagon or even plane cargo hold.

When combined with a removable backrest and seat cushion, the height can reduce to as little as approximately 620mm (24.5”) on the Frontier V4 and Frontier V6, and approximately 650mm (25.5”) on the Extreme X8.


Retractable Docking Pin

This docking pin retracts into the body of your powerchair for improved clearance off road.

For driving in your wheelchair, the retractable docking pin is a great way to secure your powerchair in a vehicle.

Please note that the retractable docking pin is not compatible in conjunction with the transfer tilt function or on the Extreme X8 model.


Power options like the lift and tilt or power tilt are ideal for adjusting your position in a vehicle.

Drop down joystick

Get closer to the action with the drop down joystick.

The drop down joystick is a great option for minimising the length of your powerchair, so that you can get closer to the steering wheel.

Crash Tested Seat Belt

Magic Mobility’s crash tested seat belt is a great option when you’re using your powerchair as a seat in a vehicle. This seat belt and its mounts are crash test compliant, giving you peace of mind.

Vehicle Adaptations

Your vehicle may need modifications or adaptations to ensure you are comfortable and safe while driving or travelling. These may include:

  • Wider doors, a ramp or lift to ensure you can safely enter/exit the vehicle
  • Adaptive steering or steering aids
  • Custom vehicle controls like break and accelerator options
  • Additional or adjusted mirrors

We recommend working with your medical team and/or occupational therapist who can suggest adaptive options and modifications for you.

Are you interested in finding out more about adjustments for driving in your wheelchair? Contact us to find a dealer in your area.

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