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The driving force

Peta, Timothy and Shelley all have Magic Mobility powerchairs, but also drive cars to go further and meet their goals.

Driving is one of Timothy’s hobbies, but it’s also essential to his lifestyle because he lives in a rural area. While his Frontier V6 AT (All Terrain) gives him the off-road capacity to get outdoors near his house, he also has a car that takes him into town, and on adventures.

Timothy expands his horizons with his powerchair and car.

Timothy uses his retractable docking pin to safely and easily lock his chair into place in his car. This enables him to operate his car independently, as the car is fitted with a docking station and the pin is power operated via Timothy’s joystick.

“I love the outdoors, and desire the freedom to go where I want to go,” Timothy says. “Since I got the Frontier V6 AT, I would have to say the docking pin has been the biggest game changer for me.”

Timothy enjoys being able to drive, and use his powerchair to get about once he gets to his destination. He says the docking pin saves him energy, because he doesn’t have to transfer out of and back into his powerchair in order to use his car.

“The retractable docking pin has allowed me to drive my car while in my Frontier V6 AT, and that means I can take my car anywhere and then my chair can take me anywhere from there.

“Being able to drive independently has made me more independent.”

The beauty of this docking pin is that it retracts within the powerchair body when not in use, so Timothy has maximum clearance over any obstacles.

Like Timothy, Peta also drives a car in her Frontier V4 FWD. She says that driving is important to her, because it enables her to independently do everyday tasks like shopping and going to the hairdresser.

Peta says she chose her FWD in part because it would help her manoeuvre into and out of her car.

Peta loves to drive, and uses her powerchair as a seat in the car.

“I can drive my powerchair into a car, and drive my own car,” Peta says. “It allows me a whole new level of independence that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

“I love to drive, just like everybody else.”

In addition to the retractable docking pin, there are a couple of other key features that ensure you’re safe when driving in your wheelchair. We’ve included more information about these options in our Map to driving with a disability story.

Shelley is on a mission to explore America. She and her husband have a travel trailer and love to travel across America, stopping to camp, hike and see the sights.

While she needs her Frontier V6 AT when she travels, Shelley doesn’t drive in her powerchair like Peta and Timothy do. She has a special platform attached to the front of her truck so she can take her chair wherever she goes.

Shelley transports her powerchair on a platform so she can travel around America with it.

To ensure her Frontier V6 AT is protected when she’s on the road, Shelley ensures it is covered, and strapped down.

Shelley uses a platform similar to the Bruno Chariot, that we saw earlier in 2019 at ATSA Canberra.

Please note that the retractable docking pin is not available in conjunction with the transfer tilt power function, or on the Extreme X8.

Are you interested in finding out more about driving with your power wheelchair?

Contact us to find a dealer in your local area. If you’re in North America, contact Innovation in Motion to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair near you.

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