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Upgrades, tricks and tips to handle a changing world

We are living in extraordinary times.

Our RAM camera mount helps you to capture all the action of the day!

With communities being asked to isolate, the response has been a surge in learning new skills and trying new things. Take a look at these Magic Mobility upgrades that help you go from good to great.

Are you a keen photographer? We have accessories to assist you in getting the perfect photo from your chair through the use of our RAM camera mounts.

Using a mount is the best way to keep your camera nice and still, whilst still being accessible so that you can really capture the moment.

Attach your camera to your seat armrest, or try a swingaway camera mount option so that you never miss the action.

Even in times of isolation, we know that we still need to get out and about for our daily essentials like fresh air, food and exercise.

Our tyre liners help to prevent punctures, giving users more confidence on rough terrain.

Our tyre liners help to prevent punctures, giving users more confidence on rough terrain.

To avoid punctures you can’t go past the puncture resistant tyre liner kit. Magic Mobility worked closely with an Australian rubber manufacturer to develop an Aramid fibre-reinforced rubber compound for improved puncture resistance.

The challenge was to ensure that our off-road knobby tyres could still maintain the extremely low PSI whilst avoiding punctures. We now also offer tyre liners on our Crossover tyres, which can be fitted to the Magic 360, Frontier V6 AT and Hybrid and all Frontier  V4 powerchairs.

Puncture resistant tyre liners provide peace of mind for those concerned about leaks and punctures when going off-road or across more difficult terrains. It can help to extend the life of your tyres when you might be concerned about securing replacements.

Watch the action here:

Do you have any hacks that you can suggest that make living in your home easier or more efficient?

Remember that Magic Mobility and our global network of agents are here to help you during the pandemic. Contact us today if you would like to trial a chair or be connected to an agent in your local area.

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