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Celebrating hard-fought freedoms

Kevin and Michael are proud patriots who fought for America and are determined to make the most of their freedom. They’re both fiercely independent and take every opportunity to get outdoors and off-road.

Both Kevin and Michael use Magic Mobility Extreme X8 powerchairs to go on adventures, hunt, and support other veterans.

Kevin from Florida is a disabled Marine Corps veteran who received his Extreme X8 in mid-2016. He hasn’t looked back since.

“It allows me to venture off the pavement without worrying about getting stuck,” Kevin says.

“My Extreme X8 is great on the beach and very capable on the trail. With a motor on each tire, I can easily conquer off-road obstacles.”

He says his powerchair has allowed him to do things that he previously couldn’t. Beyond getting outdoors and off-road, Kevin’s Extreme X8 helps him to do simple tasks like reaching items on high shelves.

Like Kevin, Michael says his Extreme X8 has given him access to things and places he had nearly given up on.

Michael lives on a farm in Maryland but hadn’t been able to access parts of it for four years before he got his powerchair. His Extreme X8 also gives him more opportunities to participate in projects and adventures with friends and family.

“My Extreme X8 gives me more freedom because it allows me to get out on uneven terrain,” Michael says. “I had 17 guys that I served with in Iraq come to the farm for a reunion. I was able to maneuver all over the property and participate with my guys!”

Before they got their Extreme X8s, Michael and Kevin both found getting outdoors challenging and limiting. We asked them both to use three words to describe their Extreme X8s.

“Dignity, independence and freedom,” says Michael.

“Empowering, capable and versatile” are the words Kevin chooses.

Michael says his powerchair has given him the confidence to go more places and try new things.

He’s getting back out on the farm and into his hobbies including duck and deer hunting and fly fishing.

Kevin’s taking every opportunity to give back to other veterans in his community. He speaks publicly about his experiences and works with charities to enhance the lives of veterans and disabled veterans.

Their Extreme X8s help them get outdoors and enjoy the freedoms that they helped fight for.

Are you interested in celebrating independence in the Extreme X8? Contact Magic Mobility to arrange a trial with our USA distributor Innovation in Motion or to learn more about our all terrain powerchair range click here. 

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