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Crossover tyre option now available

Introducing crossover tyres for V6 AT, Hybrid and all V4 powerchairs

Our crossover wheels on our Magic 360.

Magic Mobility has always offered the option of narrower ‘indoor’ or wider off-road ‘knobby’ drive wheel tyres for most of our powerchairs. The exciting news is, we’ve now introduced a handy wheel option that sits in between the two.

Our Crossover wheels provide users with greater versatility for people who want to move from indoors to outdoors with the minimum of bother, and they’re now available on most of the chairs in our Frontier V6 and V4 range.

They feature a medium width that sits in between the usual off-road and urban tyre options.

They also deliver a good all-terrain performance for those chair users who wish to combine indoor and outdoor use to successfully navigate their local, everyday terrains.

Crossover tyres are a great all-rounder and could remove the need for many users to swap between urban and off-road tyres as often.

Crossover tyres now available on many chairs in our Frontier V6 and V4 range

Crossover wheels on our Frontier V6.

Additionally, they provide a smooth ride, which may contribute to reducing fatigue when travelling over longer distances and tyre erosion when travelling on urban terrains such as concrete.

Unlike the larger, knobby off-road tyres, our Crossover tyres are also available in a light grey option that is less likely to leave visible marks on indoor floor surfaces.

They provide ample traction on loose outdoor surfaces and like all of our tyres, they can be fitted with the Neverflat option which, as the name suggests, goes a long way to ensuring you’ll never get stranded out and about with a flat tyre. There is also now a puncture resistant tyre liner kit available, giving users even more confidence when travelling across rough terrain.

You can ask your local agent to learn more about the puncture resistant kit or Neverflat tyre option and to get them fitted to your powerchair tyres for added peace of mind.

Please note: the Crossover wheel option is not yet available to users based in the US.

Our drive wheel options available on our Frontier V6 AT, Hybrid and all V4 powerchairs.

Our drive wheel options available on our Frontier V6 AT, Hybrid and all Frontier V4 powerchairs.

You can learn more about the available drive wheel options for our Frontier V6 AT, Hybrid and all Frontier V4 powerchairs here.

We hope this new option will go a long way to improving your daily life. These are now available from your local agent – have a chat with them today to learn more. You can find a list of our global agents here.


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