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Customising to your Challenges

Magic Mobility users Mark, Niamh and Gerry are all determined to be independent and meet the goals they set themselves. For Niamh, this means being able to pursue her love for photography.

Beyond standard powerchair customisations, they worked with our team to find custom solutions to their needs.

Mark had his Frontier V6 C73 funded through the NDIS in Australia, and was approved for custom features.

He spends up to 16 hours a day in his powerchair, so it needs to be comfortable and meet all of his needs. He chose the Frontier V6 C73 because it is narrow enough to go through a standard doorway, and robust enough to take him off the footpath.

Mark worked with the Magic Mobility team to tailor the leg rests, arm rests, harness and a custom rehab backrest to ensure he’s comfortable and supported. The Magic Mobility team made him a custom tray table, so he can easily store and access his work documents, meals, phone and more.

Mark’s custom features enable him to be more independent.

The tray is connected to the front of his Frontier V6 C73, within his range of motion.

With his custom features, Mark is less reliant on carers and is able to be more independent.

“The chair is an extension of my body,” Mark says. “I use all of the functions without thinking about it. They’re part of my everyday.”

Niamh is an avid photographer, and says that the right wheelchair gives her the independence she wants. She has a Frontier V6 C73, and says it’s the reason she can be an engaged and productive member of the community.

Niamh pursues her love of photography with her custom features.

Niamh worked with Magic Mobility to find the right features that would maximise her mobility. She has a specialty head controller, an armrest bag, and most importantly mounts for her phone, cup and camera.

Now Niamh can easily access her camera to take as many photos and create art from the comfort of her powerchair. She also has a shade for sun protection, and a table.

“I’ve been able to achieve a lot more by having access to the right wheelchair technology,” Niamh says. “As technologies evolve, and my access to them becomes easier, my happiness grows and my quality of life only improves”.

Gerry worked with the Magic Mobility team on a custom toolbox for his Frontier V6 C73. He needed somewhere to safely store personal items that would keep them easily accessible, but also out of the way.

While the Magic Mobility team could have added one to the side of Gerry’s powerchair, it would have made the powerchair too wide to fit through a standard doorway. So, they team designed a power-operated toolbox that would sit behind Gerry’s seat, and rotate out to the side so Gerry can access it when he wants.

The toolbox has been added to Gerry’s power functions, operated by his joystick.

Once the toolbox is rotated out to the side, Gerry can pull it forwards on a slider, and open the lid.

Do you need custom solutions tailored to your needs? Contact us to find a dealer in your local area. If you’re in North America, contact Innovation in Motion to trial a Magic Mobility powerchair near you.

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