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Embracing off-road adventures (USA)

All explorers know that when it comes to pushing the boundaries, the right gear is key to getting where you want to go. We’ve asked Magic Mobility users Frontier V6 and Extreme X8 users Brad, Thomas and Shelley which key features help them go further on any terrain.

Brad is a veteran who loves to get outdoors, hunt and fish near his home in Missouri. He says his Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) takes him through rough terrain and uneven ground without getting stuck.

Brad uses his V6 for hunting

“I was looking for a new spot to sit while deer hunting, and rolled right through a cut corn field. It had been rutted up by combines, tractors and trucks, and I didn’t get stuck. It made me feel not so limited.”

Brad’s Frontier V6 AT is fitted with headlights, which come in handy when he stays out hunting after dark. He also has a retractable docking pin, to secure easily in his vehicle. He says this feature is genius, as it retracts into the body of the wheelchair, so his clearance isn’t compromised on any terrain.

Navy veteran Thomas isn’t letting his spinal cord injury stop him from getting outdoors. In his Extreme X8, he’s been able to get back out in all weather and on all terrains, including snow and sand.

Thomas can take his Extreme X8 on any terrain
Thomas enjoying some fishing

“I go winter trap shooting January through March every year, and because of my Extreme X8, I can do it in the snow,” Thomas says.

Thomas, from Washington loves to go shooting and fishing, and uses the tilt function on his powerchair to stay comfortable all day while he’s outdoors. He says that the Extreme X8 is so capable off-road because of the four drive motors, which each control a tire. These drive motors provide the power and traction which make a huge difference on snow, sand and in long grass.

For veteran Shelley, every aspect of her Extreme X8 is important. She says its versatility is most important of all. It means she is able go anywhere and also stay comfortable.

Shelley uses the off-road capabilities of her chair to hike, hunt and travel across the USA without the worry of tripping, tipping over or getting stuck. She also finds the lift feature particularly helpful, being able to raise up to experience a view.

Shelley enjoys hunting with her husband

“I am also able to rise up to eye level when at a counter, or standing for our National Anthem,” Shelley says.

Did you know that Magic Mobility powerchairs can be funded under Medicare and Medicaid Services in the USA? Powerchairs like the Magic Mobility Frontier Urban C73 can be resourced under Medicare Group 3 funding codes.

The Frontier Urban C73 is ideal for urban terrain, but can easily be upgraded to have all terrain capabilities for those who want to embrace off-road adventures. Find out more about funding under USA Medicare and Medicaid here.

Are you interested in taking on new challenges on all terrains? Contact our USA distributor, Innovation in Motion, to discuss your requirements.

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