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How to get the most from your Magic Mobility powerchair

Changing from off-road to indoor tyres

Magic Mobility jack accessory for easy tyre changes

Our jack accessory makes changing tyres pretty simple.

Many of our users choose to switch from their knobby, off-road tyres to narrower hybrid tyres for indoor-outdoor use of their powerchair.

And now you also have the ‘in-between’ option of Crossover tyres (not yet available in the US) for even more indoor-outdoor versatility. For some users, this new option – which is now available to use on the Frontier V4 range and Frontier V6 AT and Hybrid chairs – will mean they may not have to switch at all.

Perhaps our most popular topic is how to change from one type of tyre to another. Check out our YouTube video demonstration or review the step-by-step instructions on our website.

How to use and adjust your joystick/controller

Magic Mobility joystick

Our joystick video provides ‘how to’ instructions and troubleshooting tips.

The joysticks (controllers) which come with most Magic Mobility powerchairs are highly sophisticated electronic devices that offer a myriad of programmable options and features.

Your local agent can help you further with programming your controller to suit your needs.

Click here to learn more about getting the most from your controller.

Optimising tyre pressure

Learn how to optimise tyre pressure for Magic Mobility powerchairs

Learn why adjusting your tyre pressure is important for optimum performance.

Another popular question we receive often is how to set the tyre pressure of your off-road tyres to ensure optimum performance, improve range and traction, and decrease tyre erosion.

Click here to view a YouTube video that explains what you need to know, and download our detailed recommendations that deal with optimising tyre pressure for your chair model according to your bodyweight.

Keeping your powerchair clean

Keeping your powerchair clean not only makes it more pleasant to drive, but also helps to extend its life.

For tips on the cleaning materials and products we recommended you to use (or avoid, for that matter) on different parts of your chair, click here.

Do you have any other “how to” topics you’d like us to address? Tell us about your issue via email at


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