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Getting back to basics

When Beau, from New South Wales, Australia, was 4 years old, he received his Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) and experienced independence for the first time.

In the four years he’s had his powerchair, he’s been able to get to school, going for walks around town and getting out into the paddock with the horses. For some, these are mundane activities, but for Beau, these have been major milestones.

Prior to receiving his Frontier V6 AT, Beau relied on his parents to carry him, or push him in the second-hand manual wheelchair they’d found online.

The Frontier V6 AT has been specially tailored to Beau’s needs, and is a big step-up from the manual wheelchair he’d had previously. The all terrain capacity is a game changer for Beau, enabling him to pursue his love of the outdoors and animals.

“Of all of the powerchair’s functions, the all-terrain part is used most. He can get out and about anywhere,” said Beau’s mum Samantha. “He’s able to go and get the horses and lead them back, or just go where he wants without needing to be pushed or carried.

“He enjoys flying through the paddocks, beeping his horn and trying to muster sheep, and chasing his brothers.”

Beau has also been able to participate in other rites of passage, like Halloween.

“Before Beau got his powerchair we always stayed home to give out lollies to other kids. Beau liked to dress up as the Man From Snowy River or a favourite bull rider, and was not keen to get out and about,” said Samantha.

They created a full that fixed to Beau’s Frontier V6 AT, and made him look like a cowboy, and he loved the chance to get out and trick or treat.

Beau dressed up as a cowboy on Halloween

“He was very keen to show everyone his new bull costume.”

While Beau was initially cautious of going too fast in his powerchair, he soon gained confidence in the size and manoeuvrability of his Frontier V6 AT.

Another key feature of the Frontier V6 AT is that it’s customised to Beau’s seating requirements, which is a big step up from his previous manual wheelchair. His condition is growth limiting, so his parents don’t need to be concerned about regular adjustments to his seating system. Despite this, the Magic Mobility adjustable seat pan can easily be adjusted to suit different seating systems.

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