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Getting your powerchair beach ready

With summer right round the corner, it’s time to start planning for some fun in the sun! Here are our top tips for getting yourself and your powerchair ready for those summer adventures.

Never in the water

The most important thing to remember is never to drive your powerchair into the water. And, if there are waves breaking onto the beach, that means leaving a good safety margin in case a big wave makes it past the tide line unexpectedly.

Electric motors and water just don’t mix!

Choose the right chair

Nicky in the sand on her Masgic Mobility Extreme X8treme X8.

Nicky thought she’d never get on the sand until she got her Extreme X8.

Whilst some Magic Mobility wheelchairs can be fitted with off-road tyres that take you safely onto the sand, people who want to get a bit more adventurous should seriously consider getting into a 4×4 Magic Mobility Extreme X8.

Purpose designed to handle even the roughest, steepest or softest terrains, the Extreme X8 has four powerful motors driving each of its four off-road tyres, making it ideal for tackling the often steep entry and exits from the beach.

Before she got her Magic Mobility Extreme X8, Nicky from New South Wales in Australia had come to terms with the fact that she would likely never be able get onto the sand – even though she lived right on the coast. So, the day she took to the sand in her Extreme X8 was “incredibly liberating”, she says.

“I was constantly looking at the Magic Mobility website and looking up YouTube videos,” Nicky said. “I hoped that one day I could be having as much fun as the people in the videos.”

“Wheeling off the boardwalk and onto the sand made me feel alive and very happy.”

The long wheel base of our Magic Mobility V6 All Terrain is another of our chairs that can handle most beach environments with ease. This mid-wheel drive has the option of switching between smaller hybrid tyres or larger off-road tyres, delivering a great year-round, indoor to outdoor mobility solution.

Rolling with the right tyres

Choose the right tyre pressure for the sand

Get out on to the sand, but be sure to choose your tyre pressure wisely.

Thinking of hitting the sand can cause concerns of potentially getting stuck and stranded on the beach. The right tyres at the right pressure will help you get on to the sand and off again, providing users with peace of mind.

Fitted with our knobby tyres, our all-terrain wheelchairs are designed to handle sandy or rocky beaches, providing excellent traction, safety and comfort to the user.

Built for extreme terrains, the knobs on these tyres also provide exceptional traction to help you tackle challenging terrains like sand, uneven ground or even snow. They also provide the grip needed to take on slippery surfaces such as wet pavements.

The width of this tyre increases the contact area with the ground to provide superior traction, keeping the user safe and in control. When driving on soft surfaces like sand, you can reduce the tyre pressure to increase the surface area and deliver more grip and a smoother ride.

We’ve also designed puncture-resistant tyre liners for the 14” knobby tyres. These are made of hardy Aramid fibre and fit in between the tyre and the inner tube for improved protection and tyre preservation. The tyre liners provide peace of mind for those concerned about punctures when going off-road.

Keep it clean

cleaning your Magic Mobility powerchair

Cleaning is vital to maintaining optimal performance for your powerchair.

When your Magic Mobility powerchair has been used in coastal, damp or salty environments, extra cleaning is critical to remove dirt, salt and sand, and reduce the risk of rust. For your tyres, allow them to dry fully and then drive the chair and the dirt and sand will usually come loose and fall away.

Make sure you give your powerchair a gentle wipe down using a soft, clean cloth and some warm water.

We make seating from a range of different materials – generally vinyl or fabric – but the best type of cleaning agent for your seating is mild detergent and water. Don’t be tempted to use harsh cleaners which may corrode or damage the fabric over time.

Down inside the crevices of the cushioning can be a trap for waste, sand and dust. Use a soft brush or a vacuum to remove any built-up residue. Your powerchair should then be left in a warm and dry environment to dry thoroughly.

Unlike many of us, your chair does not enjoy a good soaking. Never, ever hose down your powerchair or immerse any part of it in water. A damp cloth will keep it clean, fresh and ready for the next adventure!

Talk to your local agent to learn more about how to clean your chair, or whether your Magic Mobility powerchair can be fitted with knobby off-road tyres.

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