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Great new options for your powerchair

Magic Mobility delivers some great new power options (for a big day out)

Whatever you want to do, including heading out for a big day of socialising, some of our new power and controller options might make all the difference to your comfort and life enjoyment.

Put your feet up!

Magic Mobility's new powered options might make all the difference to your comfort and life enjoyment

Our brand new CMPE leg rest.

Magic Mobility’s latest centre mounted power elevating (CMPE) leg rest is a great new option for people who spend extended periods in their powerchair.

The ability to raise and lower your legs is a major factor in avoiding pain and minimising health risk.

Improvements on our previous design include:

  • One of the first rules of going off-road is checking your ground clearance. It’s often an afterthought when it comes to the leg rest. The new CMPE delivers an extra 30mm (> one inch) of ground clearance!
  • Ergonomically designed lift action and articulating calf pads and footrest that swivel to find the most neutral position to support your lower legs. The swivel action reduces pressure on the knees as it moves with your natural body position, without affecting your pelvic position
  • High-sided, rubber lined footrest that keeps your feet where they belong, and swing up out of the way for easier and safer front on transfers
  • Thinner calf supports and footrests that enable your legs to be tucked closer into the chair, when required
  • Individually adjustable footrest heights and angles that fit every leg perfectly and can be easily adjusted even with the user in the chair
  • Faster, quieter and more powerful actuators to get comfortable more quickly and discretely


Designed to retrofit on all models (except the Extreme X8), the all new CMPE leg rest combines postural support and a go anywhere experience.


One-click convenience

We’ve often heard users say their most magical moments are when they forget they’re in a wheelchair.

That’s why making everything easier and more intuitive is a big priority for our engineers here at Magic Mobility.

Magic Mobility's Switch-It CTRL+5® enables 1-click access for up to 10 different, programmable power functions

A Switch-It CTRL+5® allows you to remain ‘in the moment’ by making everything easier, faster and more intuitive.

A great controller addition that delivers this in spades is the Switch-It CTRL+5®. This switch device has assignable buttons for each power option on your wheelchair and plugs into the controller to enable easy-click access for up to ten different, programmable power functions.

This can substantially reduce the amount of time and attention required to adjust your speed, raise your level, lift your legs, or do whatever else you need, allowing you to seamlessly drive and adjust your position to simply get on with your day.

In social contexts, that could mean less interruptions during activities, and more opportunity to do what you need without breaking your focus when engaging with others. Magic!

For more information about these or other powered functions, find your local agent or distributor or contact us via our website.


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