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Larger batteries for the Extreme X8

Battery range is of utmost importance to many powerchair users. It gives you more time and opportunity to tackle all those adventures; be it hitting the sand at the beach, tackling the snow or hitting a hiking trail – the more battery life you have, the more adventure you can have!

Caring for your batteries is of utmost importance to improve battery life and range.

Larger batteries for the Extreme X8

Go anywhere with larger batteries for the Extreme X8.

Our engineers have developed a new battery upgrade option for the Extreme X8 in response to feedback we received from some of our most active users, many of which take their X8 with them on camping trips or up mountain tracks. With the X8, you are only really limited by your imagination!

You can read more about some of our Extreme X8 users’ adventures here.

The new X8 battery option gives users up to 20% more battery range, to keep you out in the great outdoors for longer. This upgrade option is available on all new Extreme X8 orders and, unfortunately, cannot be retrofitted to existing chairs as the battery requires a slightly larger chassis to house the larger battery.

Contact your local agent today if you’d like to learn more about getting into an Extreme X8.

Why not Lithium?

We are still unable to recommend the use of lithium batteries as a replacement for the gel batteries that are supplied with your chair. There are a number of reasons for this.

Unfortunately current wheelchair controllers don’t interface well with lithium batteries and cannot reliably monitor the state of the battery’s charge, and thus they are unable to provide an accurate battery gauge. Also, unlike gel batteries, if they go flat there’s no recovery after a period of rest.

Additionally, due to the size of the batteries we use, there are still safety concerns with air transportation. Importantly, we also design our powerchairs to be used with gel batteries as the added weight forms an integral part of the stability of our chairs.

To learn more tips and get advice on how to best care for your batteries, read our article here. You may also benefit from viewing our helpful YouTube videos series on caring for your batteries: Learning to care for your new battery, How batteries work, and Where will your batteries take you. You can also learn more about caring for your batteries in the FAQ’s section of our website.

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