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Managing your condition

Last month, Jillian told us why her MPS seating system is so important to staying comfortable in her Extreme X8 all day. She says this backrest is the key to her comfort, because it can be adjusted to suit her needs.

The Maximum Postural Support (MPS) seating system is manufactured by Magic Mobility and its custom contouring provides maximum comfort and support for wheelchair users. The seating system incorporates an anti-thrust seat front and lateral contouring on both the seat and backrest.

Jillian’s Extreme X8 gives her more independence than her everyday manual chair, but she sometimes gets a sore back when sitting upright for extended periods of time.

Her favourite thing about the MPS seating system is the reclining system.

“I love to go to the beach and enjoy time with friends and family on the sand,” Jillian says. “My MPS backrest is invaluable, it easily reclines so I can rest my back when my spine starts to hurt.”

This system is completely customised to each user, from the seat width and depth to the armrest height and legrest depth. The MPS seating system can be fitted with a manual recline or power recline function, so users can independently adjust the angle of their backrest.

Jillian says her condition is much more manageable thanks to innovations like the MPS seating system.

“It’s so nice to have people care and engineer new equipment to help people who are paralyzed, like me.”

There are three grades of soft foam that can be used on the seating system to ensure the chair is comfortable.

For those who need additional supports, thoracic pads can be added to the back rest, to further improve comfort and posture. These thoracic supports also come in a swingaway option, for those who don’t need to use them all the time.

This seating system can be used in conjunction with a slope sensor, which works to inhibit certain power functions like lift and tilt when the powerchair is on an incline greater than 30 degrees.

Are you interested in finding a seating system that’s tailored to your needs? Contact us to find a dealer in your area.

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