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Getting your powerchair beach ready!

We can feel the seasons changing, and it’s nearly time. Time to hit the sand and lap up that summer sun! But how can you get yourself and your powerchair ready to take on the rays and sand?

Get your powerchair beach ready!

We’ve got the tips right here.

But let’s get the first thing out of the way – do not drive your powered wheelchair into water!

It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a river or a trickling creek – Electric motors, batteries and water do not mix. Ensuring you enjoy your adventures safely is our top priority.


Don’t let your chair hold you back! Get onto the beach in a Magic powerchair!

Tip 1 – Choose your power

If you’re planning on going coastal this summer, make sure you choose your powerchair wisely. Magic Mobility powerchairs are built to take on the challenges you want to throw at them and matching the right chair to the right terrain is important.

Built with powerful motors on each of its 14-inch off-road tyres, the Extreme X8 is the perfect powerchair to tackle the sand and often steep entry to and exit from the beach.


Nicky thought she’d never get on the sand until she got her Extreme X8.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 user Nicky from New South Wales had come to terms with the fact that she would never get onto the sand – even though she lived right on the coast.

So, the day she took to the sand in her Extreme X8 was, she says, “incredibly liberating”.

“I was constantly looking at the Magic Mobility website and looking up YouTube videos,” Nicky said. “I hoped that one day I could be having as much fun as the people in the videos. Wheeling off the boardwalk and onto the sand made me feel alive and very happy.”

Tip 2 – Deal with the pressure

Getting about on the sand means there’s always that little worry you might get stuck. If you’re in an Extreme X8 adjust your tyre pressure. If you’re in another powerchair, make sure you choose the right tyre.

Get on to the sand, but choose your tyre pressure wisely.

14” knobby tyres are ideal for heading off-road, providing excellent traction and comfort. The knobs on these tyres provide exceptional grip to help you tackle challenging terrain like sand. They also provide great traction on slippery surfaces such as wet pavements. The knobby tyres also give the most comfortable ride as you are essentially floating on a cushion of air.

The width of this tyre increases the contact area with the ground to provide superior traction. When driving on soft surfaces you can reduce the tyre pressure to increase the size of its contact patch which further increases the surface area and provides more grip. Keep in mind that the additional width of this tyre does add to the width of your power wheelchair.

We’ve designed puncture-resistant tyre liners for the 14” knobby tyres. These are made of aramid fibre and fit in between the tyre and the tube to protect it. The tyre liners provide peace of mind for those concerned about punctures when going off-road.

Tip 3 – Wipe it down

Keep it clean.

When your powerchair has been used in coastal, wet or salty environments extra cleaning is critical in reducing the risk of rust.

Keeping your Magic Mobility free of dust, sand and dirt will keep it fresh for another day. After a long haul over sand, make sure you give your chair a gentle wipe with non-corrosive cleaners. Your powerchair needs to be wiped down with a warm water cloth.

We have chairs with different types of materials – vinyl and fabric – but the best type of cleaning agent is a mild detergent and water. Don’t be tempted to use harsh cleaners!

Unlike many of us, your chair does not enjoy a good soak. Never, ever hose down your powerchair. If you’re wiping your chair down, make sure your cloth is damp.

Down inside the foam cushioning can be a trap for waste, sand and dust. Use a soft brush or a vacuum to remove any residue. Your powerchair should then be left in a warm and dry environment to dry thoroughly. It may also help to blow as much sand and/or salt off as possible.

Get into a powered wheelchair that suits your adventures! Contact us today!

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