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Stop the deflate!

It’s one of the biggest grievances we hear about from our powerchair users – tyre punctures! How do you stop them?

Close up of the Extreme X8 powerchair on the sand.

Tackle even the toughest of terrains.

When going off road and across difficult terrain, Magic Mobility’s knobby off-road tyres are the best choice to get you where you need to go. While uneven terrain and sharp objects can damage your tyres or cause leaks, Magic Mobility has designed puncture resistant tyre liners that help you avoid flat tyres and take the stress away.

Made from an Aramid fibre-reinforced rubber compound, the tyre liners have been specially designed to tackle tough terrain, even at low pounds per square inch (PSI). And our customers can’t get enough of them!

When going off road, it’s important to adjust your tyre pressure to suit the terrain you’re on.

Puncture resistant tyre liners give users more confidence when going off road. On less stable terrain like sand, snow or mud, a greater surface area helps you safely through, so we recommend lowering your tyre pressure.

Cross-section of our puncture resistant tyre liners.

A cross-section image of our puncture-resistant tyre liners.

You can learn more about our recommended tyre pressures in your Owner’s Manual or via our website.

We worked with an Australian rubber manufacturer to create a tyre liner that will prevent punctures at normal or low PSI.

Magic Mobility’s tyre liners give users the confidence to explore off road areas. Frontier V6 All Terrain user Tom from Washington, USA, takes his powerchair off road, through the backwoods. Tom says when he’s out there, it’s totally rejuvenating for his spirit and soul.

In addition to helping you tackle uneven terrain, the puncture resistant tyre liners will prevent punctures from everyday hazards like broken glass, sharp rocks and prickles or thorns. These liners are available on our Off-road knobby tyres, and now also on our Crossover tyre range (for use with the Magic 360, V6 AT and Hybrid and all V4 chairs).

Watch the video below to see the tyre liners in action:

Are you interested in fitting tyre liners to your chair? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest dealer.

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