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3 top reasons to love tilt in space!

Tilt in space gives you more freedom and control

Helping you to get comfortable is one of our Magic goals, and some of our Magic chairs can be upgraded to lift and tilt to do just that. We look at exactly why tilt in space is important.

What exactly is tilt in space?

It’s when the entire chair shifts its position on its frame as one – but the angles of your hips, knees and ankles remain in the same position.

Why is tilt in space important?

Here are our top reasons to love tilt in space and lift and tilt:

  • Take the pressure off

As humans we love to move, wriggle and jiggle to find that perfect position. We move to shift various pressures just to stay comfortable. As a guide, we should be able to reposition ourselves about once every 15 minutes. But if you’re living with a disability or injury, that simple movement is certainly not easy! A tilt in space means you can easily reposition yourself, relieving pressure when needed.

The top reasons to love tilt in space

Here’s Richard Lamb demonstrating the pressure-relieving tilt.

People living with spinal injury, muscle diseases or cerebral palsy may not have the strength to reposition themselves. A larger degree of tilt is often needed for those at risk of pressure injuries. Evidence shows that the optimum angle for an effective weight shift and pressure management is between 30° and 45°.



  • Stop the slump!

    Stop the slump

It takes energy to sit upright. Core muscles are called into work when we sit upright, and as people grow tired, they will tend to slump down onto their tailbone, otherwise referred to as ‘sacral sitting’. This may result in a C-shaped spine, and pressure on internal organs.

The excessive ’C’ curvature can cause chest and abdominal constriction. The organs housed in the chest and abdomen can sometimes lead to being unable to function properly. The tilt in space function lets people sit upright more easily, and may lead to better breathing and swallowing, and improved overall health.




  • Getting you out and about

Get out and do more for longer with lift, tilt and recline options

No one likes being stuck in bed or a chair when they’d much rather be out and about. And for some, transferring in and out of a chair can be a real difficulty, making it harder to get out to do the things they want to do.

At Magic Mobility our Transfer Tilt was designed because we understand the difficulties some people have. It is an underseat option with anterior tilt, enabling the seat front to be angled at 10 degrees making it easier to step in and out of the wheelchair without the assistance of carers.

The transfer tilt can be fitted to Frontier V6 mid-wheel drive and Frontier V4 front wheel drive wheelchairs fitted with lift and tilt or tilt only options.

If you’re on the go and wanting to stay out of the house and out of bed for longer, the lift and tilt may allow you to rest those weary bones for periods of time.

You don’t have to be bed-bound. People who are comfortable in their wheelchairs are more likely to be productive and energised. The lift and tilt is essential for greater wellbeing.


Check out our improved transfer tilt performance:


Would you like to consider an upgrade to your powerchair? Have you thought about investing in a lift and tilt? Or maybe you’ve had a great experience in seeing eye-to-eye – let us know! Get in touch today!


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