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Upgrade your adventure

Top accessories simply made for extremes.

Extreme X in the grass on an incline

Tackling every adventure with our top upgrades and accessories.

Mastering the slope

Close up of a stability roller on the rear of a Magic Mobility Extreme X8

A stability roller to help you manage the hills.

Planning on tackling inclines? Readying yourself for some serious slopes?

We’ve got the goods!

Whether you’re packing the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 or the V4 Rear Wheel Drive, we’ve got stability rollers to help steady and support you on even the steepest of hills, giving you added security and peace of mind.

Check it out and order now.


And how do you stay put in your chair when you’re really going gangbusters off-road?

We give you a range of different posture belts, perfectly suited to your body type and needs. From hip belts to cross-body, we’ve got the posture belt to keep you in place while you’re out taking over the place!

Check out our retractable and standard posture belt options and get in touch today.

Nighttime adventures

Rear image of a Magic Mobility powered wheelchair with brake lights activated

Dazzle the competition with our bright lights.

Take on the night with our headlights and lighting systems.

Guide your way home on dark city streets or take it off-road. All Magic Mobility electric wheelchairs can be fitted with our tailor-designed headlights and tail lights.

Mounted on flexible rubber brackets that resist the bumps, our adjustable lights use an extremely bright and highly efficient 24V LED lighting system that runs directly from the wheelchair batteries. The headlights and tail lights can also include a turning indicator function.

Order your lights today.

Find your local agent now to get your hands on any of these great upgrades.

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Experience the neXT generation of outdoor mobility.

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