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Tell us your top-ranked tales

We love to hear about your powerchair adventures.

What accessory or feature of your Magic just takes the cake?

What item do you need on your powerchair which you just can’t live without?

We won’t tell you what the best features are – we’ll let our users tell you for themselves.

We hear from Magic fans who know what they want, and just how much they need it! Here’s more from our powerchair users:


One of Richard’s many adventures in his V6 AT.

Richard Lamb uses a Magic Mobility Frontier V6 AT, and he’s clear about the fave aspects of his chair which take him from zero to hero. “The All-Terrain tyres!” said Richard. “They not only give the chair amazing traction, but when used at low pressure, they also absorb a lot of the bumps and grinds of uneven roads, sidewalks and trails with ease.”

“The suspension! My back thanks you! My back thanks you so much! 99% of the bumps and grinds are isolated from my lumbar.”

“The range! I have yet to spend a day in my chair and even get close to feeling range anxiety.”

And finally… “OK, only a person who uses a wheelchair will be able to relate to this one – a cup holder! A real honest to goodness cup holder!”


Leon tackles his local terrain in his Frontier V6.

Leon Waldhunter is a fan of the lift on his Frontier V6 as well as the fact that his wheelchair base is Army Green.

“I first started using the Frontier V6 last year and it felt stable and safe.”

Leon is particularly keen on using his Frontier V6 in a supermarket.

“The lift has really helped me in the shopping centre to reach items on the top shelf. People are amazed to see that lift in action.”

“It gives me independence.”

We want to hear from you about your favourite aspects of your Magic Mobility – so tell us more! What’s your fave function and why?




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