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Avoiding the instant regret

The Extreme X8 in an elevated, reclined position.

Extreme X8 in an elevated, reclined position.

If you could choose your chair all over again, what would you do differently? We hear the top regrets from users.

Getting into a powered wheelchair and choosing the right one for you is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, but for so many of us there are things we regret not doing differently. We share a couple of the top regrets some of our users wish they had thought of before they purchased their chair.

Lift and tilt

The Extreme X8 in an elevated position.

Get to the height you need to be – it makes life so much easier!

One of the most common regrets we hear is that our users wish that they’d considered a lift and tilt function before they ordered their chair. This simple but sometimes overlooked function can open up your world. The lift function puts users on a different level, allowing you to reach items more easily and elevating you to eye level.

The 30cm of lift gives you just what you need to be at a comparable standing height and makes social experiences much easier and more enjoyable.

It can be quite frustrating for a wheelchair user to sit in a crowded room where everybody else is standing. This is because those standing often appear taller than the wheelchair user, even if they are shorter in actual height.

Another point of feedback is that users enjoy being at eye height when ordering food at a café or a beer at the pub, allowing them to see over the counter and achieve better eye contact.

The optional power lift function available with all Magic Mobility powerchairs alleviates this problem. Make sure you consider lift and tilt for your next chair.

The look of your power wheelchair

Close-up of our Frontier V4 in hot pink.

Our Frontier V4 in hot pink.

It might not be something you think of immediately, but the look of your powered wheelchair can say a lot about you! Many users can harbour regrets at not personalising their chair with a coloured shroud or choosing a chair that best reflects their individual personality. If you’re based in Australia, we give you choices to explore your personality with a chair that makes as much of a statement as you do!

Read more to find out how we can make that chair all yours!

Get in touch with us today to find out how to avoid the instant regret when you get a new chair!



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