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Stuck for ideas for a Magic gift?

What gift do you give to the person who just epitomizes individuality and loves a challenge? What is the perfect present for the quiet achiever who simply adores the outdoors? Or maybe you’re needing to purchase for a loved one who can’t live without a phone or tablet at their fingertips? Never fear – the Christmas list is here!

Do you have a difficult person to purchase for? Never know quite what to buy them? We can help!

Match the personality of your Magic loving fan, and we’ll tell you the perfect gift.

The Tech Obsessed Family Member

Your loved one just can’t be without their smartphone or tablet – it’s an essential item for checking out their social media accounts. But they also use it to check out the best solutions for getting around the city or watching WheeliErin’s latest video on TikTok.

The RAM® mount is perfect for managing all of life’s essential tech.

We highly recommend the Magic tablet and smartphone mount. Our RAM® mounting systems are available to add on to your powerchair, giving you convenient access to your phone, tablet, cup, camera, action camera and more. These can be mounted nearly anywhere on your powerchair.

RAM® mounts include both constant and swing-away options for tablet holders and camera mounts, for times when you’d like to have them on hand but don’t need to use them constantly.

The RAM® mounts are great because they offer a range of options, with the tablet holder (swing away and constant), mobile phone mount, swing-away camera and action camera mounts, and the cup holder all being easily interchangeable. This takes the hassle out of needing multiple access points in different locations, depending on what you’re doing each day.

The Adventurous Colleague

Are you stuck choosing the perfect gift for a friend who is always planning their next adventure? Are they pushing the limits and seeing just how far they can go? We’ve got the perfect gift for the wayward adventurer in your life.

The Magic Mobility puncture-resistant tyre liners are perfect for every adventure where you’re using knobby tyres. We know that those who plan to take on the world with a knobby tyre don’t want to slow down because of the impracticalities of something as boring as a puncture!

Some tyre liners won’t accommodate low tyre pressures and will only run at one PSI. We worked with an Australian rubber manufacturer to create a tyre liner that will prevent punctures at normal or low PSI.

In addition to helping you tackle uneven terrain, the puncture-resistant tyre liners will prevent punctures from everyday hazards like broken glass, thumbtacks and prickles/thorns.

The Over-Planned Friend

A luggage rack is the perfect solution for all of that stuff!

We all have that friend. The one who just can’t leave the home without taking a tonne of things that they think they might need, from the extremely useful to the downright confusing. We make it easy for them! Storage solutions that are not only functional, they also look great as well.

Manufactured at the Magic Mobility factory in Melbourne, Australia, Magic Mobility accessory bags are the ideal solution for holding important items like laptops, iPads, notebooks and more. They are available in A5 and A4 sizes and can be positioned on either side of a chair for ease of access. Want to order one?

Then there are our luggage racks, which are useful for carrying larger items such as boxes and heavier bags. Items do need to be strapped down when travelling. These luggage racks can be fitted to the Magic 360, the Extreme X8 and V6 models. There are slightly different sizes dependent upon the powerchair you use, but they are roughly 13.4” x 9.9” or 34cm x 25cm.

Luggage racks are perfect for people who know they are going to need something large with them when they are out on that adventure

Want to live a more independent future? Maybe ordering a luggage rack might just help you do that little bit extra you’ve always wanted to do.

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