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On the road again!

The ability to drive a vehicle is an important aspect for many Magic Mobility usersWith the exception of the Extreme X8, all Magic Mobility powerchairs can be fitted with a retractable docking pin that enables users to dock with the widely used Q-Straint and EZ Lock vehicle docking systems.

Magic Mobility powerchairs can be fitted with a retractable docking pin

Magic’s award-winning retractable docking pin is compatible with many docking systems.

This award-winning Magic Mobility innovation allows users to avoid snagging the docking pin on obstructions like roots or rocks, ensuring that they can enjoy the full benefit of all terrain access and safe vehicle driving capabilities.

The Magic 360 works with the popular Dahl docking system, which is widely used in Europe and increasingly popular in Australia. Designed in Denmark, the Dahl docking plate has a much lower profile which suits the lower clearance of the Magic 360. The Dahl system also also stops rotation of the wheelchair when driving, without requiring additional stabilisers such as tie downs.

A docking system enables users to simply drive their powerchair into position behind a vehicle’s steering wheel, and then drive the vehicle with crash-test assured safety.

The Magic 360 works with the popular Dahl docking system

The low-profile Dahl Docking system can be used with the Magic 360.

Docking systems can also be fitted in rows 2 and 3 of the vehicle, allowing users to easily drive their chair into position as a passenger in the rear of their wheelchair-converted vehicle.

When it comes to getting on with their busy lives, so many of our users mention their docking system, along with their lift function, as the most important and enabling features of their powerchair.

Peta Hook, whose Magic Mobility Front Wheel Drive Frontier V4 Hybrid powerchair is fitted with a docking pin, loves the independence of being able to get herself wherever she needs to be – for work and her social life.

With a master’s degree in Tourism, Peta’s aim is to help other people with disabilities to experience the joys of travel.

“Every person has something that they want to push themselves to do. Life is about living. We’re all in the box pretty quickly, so why not push yourself and do something you’ve always wanted to do, and I’m certainly no different in that respect. I hope to achieve all my personal goals, whether that be with friends and family or be it professionally, and absolutely kicking butt and being a force to be reckoned with in the tourism industry”.

Thanks to being able to drive Peta is free to pursue her professional dreams at full tilt.

Peta Hook's Magic Mobility Front Wheel Drive Frontier V4 Hybrid powerchair is fitted with a docking pin

Being able to drive is essential to Peta’s professional and social life.

As Peta explains: “Having a motorized wheelchair helps me to become independent in a myriad of ways. I can go anywhere I like in my wheelchair, and I also can drive into my own car. I don’t have to ask anyone where I want to go, I can just go. That has allowed me a whole new level of independence that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

If you need to get behind the wheel to drive your work life forward, then we’re ready to help you assess the options and understand the costs of a powerchair, as well as a vehicle fitted with the right docking system for you and your chair.

To review the set-up of your Magic Mobility powerchair, contact us or find your local agent or distributor via our website.

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