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Top 5 tips for choosing your perfect powerchair

A powerchair is so personal, and choosing the right one is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. There are plenty of factors you need to take into consideration when selecting the powerchair that’s right for you.

Magic Mobility has been committed to ensuring wheelchair users have access to the best and most reliable wheelchair technology for the past 23 years.

Our top five tips to look out for when investing in high-end assistive technology, like an all-terrain powerchair are:

  1. Ensure it can go where you want, when you want
    The last thing you should have to worry about is getting stuck somewhere, unable to get home or to work. Not every powerchair is made the same or performs as it says. According to some of our most experienced users, the best thing you can do when choosing a powerchair is to trial its performance on all terrains and in different sized spaces to ensure it’s just right for your lifestyle. The right powerchair should be an investment in your independence, and one that makes you less reliant on assistance so you can get out and do things yourself.

    Michael Archer with Lissa from Complete Mobility

    Last month we interviewed Michael Archer, who worked closely with his powerchair sales specialist and his therapist to trial a range of chairs including the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact V40. His powerchair enables him to play in the park with his daughter, easily access high shelves in his home, get around his city, and efficiently work in retail.

  2. Look for robust frames and adaptability
    Choosing a powerchair can be costly, and when well maintained, should last for the next 8-10 years. So it’s always good to ask other users how long they’ve had their chairs or if they had to undergo many costly repairs over their lifetime. Magic Mobility powerchairs are renowned for their robustness and many users have had their chairs for eight years (or longer!). Additionally, due to their modular design, Magic Mobility chairs have built-in adjustability which means that the chair can grow and change as you do. Ensure that as your needs change, your powerchair is able to change with you too.
  3. Ensure it can be customised, exactly for you
    Everyone is different, so where possible, your powerchair should be tailored just right for you. Look for an agent or wheelchair manufacturer who’s up for the challenge of designing a unique custom solution to meet your goals, lifestyle and aspirations. One such Magic Mobility user, Mark Brown, is having his footplate customised so that he can stretch his legs, without the assistance of a carer and to help with circulation. He also had a custom tray added to his powerchair, where he can rest and easily access his phone, paperwork and more for work
  4. Ensure that your powerchair can be easily equipped to help you do more

    With the fold-forward backrest, your wheelchair can fit safely in the back of a wagon, SUV or in a plane’s cargo hold.

    Maybe you love outdoor adventure, travel a lot, care for others or have a hectic work life? Whatever your lifestyle, look for a powerchair that can be equipped to help you do all this and more. Magic Mobility powerchairs are designed with features that are specifically engineered to make your life easier, particularly when travelling. The retractable docking pin, allows your powerchair to be easily secured inside a car for driving, the fold-forward backrest that can reduce the height of your wheelchair so it can fit safely in the back of a wagon, SUV or in a plane’s cargo hold. A quick release joystick enables this expensive and fragile component to be removed before travel.

  5. Look for up-to-date technological innovations
    The perfect powerchair should include modern technology that makes your life easier. While there have been developments in driverless powerchairs at MIT, we’re still a while away from actually seeing these on the market. When you’re looking for a powerchair, keep an eye out for its technological features, and consider how you would use them. At Magic Mobility, our technological solutions are developed to make your life easier, like our lift, tilt and recline functions. These are designed to enable users to change position when required, reducing the risk of aches, pains and pressure sores.

    The Magic Mobility One Click Activator

    Our recent development, the One Click Activator, allows you to change power functions on the go, without having to stop and toggle through with your joystick. Other popular add-on innovations are our 12V and USB accessory chargers, as well as a Bluetooth module that can be paired with your device, so you can operate it with your joystick. These features might seem simple, but trust us when we say they can make a world of difference in your everyday life.

Are you interested in going where you want to go in one of Magic Mobility’s powerchairs? Contact us today to trial a powerchair in your area.

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