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Top 5 tips for finding the perfect powerchair

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Finding the right powerchair is one of the most personal decisions you can make. The perfect powerchair should meet your needs right now, but also be adaptable to your changing needs into the future.

For the past 25 years, Magic Mobility has been committed to ensuring that wheelchair users have access to the best and most reliable wheelchair technology possible.

Some of the best advice for finding the right powerchair is to work with your family, carers, physiotherapist and OT to make sure your new chair meets all of your needs.

The key things that you and your team should be looking for in a powerchair are:

Tip 1: Ensure it can go where you want, when you want.
The last thing you should be worrying about is getting stuck somewhere, unable to get home or to work.
Not all powerchairs are made equal, so some of our most experienced Magic Mobility users recommend trialling a powerchair in all spaces, and on all terrains to ensure it will suit your lifestyle. Our users suggest testing wheelchairs multiple times if necessary, to see whether the powerchair will maneouvre easily around your home or office, and take you where you need to go. The right powerchair will be an investment in your independence, and as Magic Mobility user Mark says “it makes me less reliant on assistance, but it means that others can rely on me too”.

Tip 2: Have robust and modular designs
Investing in the right powerchair can be costly, but if it’s well maintained, it should last for 8-10 years. It’s a good idea to ask other users how long they’ve had their powerchairs for, and what repairs their chair has needed over its lifetime. Magic Mobility powerchairs are renowned for their robustness and many users have had their chairs for eight years (or longer!) because their modular design enables them to be adjusted as a user’s needs changed. All Magic Mobility powerchairs are engineered to be more durable, and high quality, so they will keep going for longer. At Magic Mobility, we understand that over time your requirements change, and your powerchair should be able to change to accommodate you.

Tip 3: Ensure it can be customised to suit you
Everyone has different needs, so your perfect powerchair should be able to be tailored to suit you. Magic Mobility users recommend finding an agent or wheelchair specialist who is up to the challenge of designing a custom solution to suit your goals, lifestyle and aspirations. Long-time Magic Mobility user Mark is working with our in-house engineering team to add a customised footplate, which extends outwards so he can stretch his legs. This customisation will make Mark less reliant on having a carer to assist him with his daily stretches, enabling him to complete them on his own.

Tip 4: Look for up-to-date technological innovations
While there have been developments in driverless powerchair technology, these are still a while away from being widely available.
In addition to creating custom solutions, our engineering team is constantly developing solutions that suit your needs, like the One Click Activator, which allows you to change your power functions on the go. Magic Mobility powerchairs are engineered with technological solutions that make your life easier. Our lift, tilt and recline functions enable you to change position when required, reducing the risk of aches, pains and pressure sores. Some of our other popular add-on innovations are the 12V and USB accessory chargers, and optional Bluetooth connectivity via our CJSM2 controller, which can be paired with your device so you can operate it using your joystick. These features might seem simple, but they can make the world of difference in your everyday life.

Tip 5: Find features that suit your lifestyle
Magic Mobility powerchairs are designed with features that are specifically designed to make your life easier, whether you’re having a normal day at work or out travelling the world. These include the retractable docking pin which allows your powerchair to be easily and safely secured inside a car for driving, the fold-forward backrest that reduces the height of your wheelchair so it can fit safely in the back of a wagon, SUV or in the cargo hold of a plane. Additionally a quick release joystick enables this expensive and fragile component to be removed before travel.

Are you interested in going anywhere in an all-terrain powerchair? Talk to us about trialling a Magic Mobility chair today.

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