Latest Magic Mobility News - Part 3


Latest Magic Mobility News

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Outdoor mobility: The neXT generation

With patented front and rear suspension, massive batteries and servo powered steering, Magic Mobility’s new XT range enable you to get further outdoors or off-road than ever before.

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Our brand new CMPE leg rest

Great new options for your powerchair

Whatever you want to do, Magic Mobility's new powered ...

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Our lift function enables your social life in many ways

Need a lift?

When it comes to enjoying social occasions, many users name ...

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Enabling your social life

Many Magic Mobility powerchair users talk about how they can ...

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Frontier V6 Compact 40

Discontinuation of our Frontier V6 Compact 40 Powerchair

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Whether it’s a hook to hang your beach-bag or a holder for your fishing rod, there’s lots of powerchair accessories that can be fitted to suit your desired recreational activities.

Recreational accessories

Whether it’s a hook to hang your beach-bag or a holder for ...

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powerchair soccer

Feeling sporty?

Getting involved in sport is a great way to get out, meet ...

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Nicky Gooze enjoys the beach thanks to her Magic Mobility powerchair

Leisurely powerchair pursuits

Recreational pastimes form a big part of leading a healthy, ...

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Out on the farm

Farm workers rely on off-road mobility to get their job ...

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Uplift your work life

There are many reasons why being able to elevate upwards is ...

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On the road again!

The ability to drive a vehicle wherever you need to go for ...

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Work-life balance

Magic Mobility powerchair users want to be able to support ...

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range of Magic Mobility Powerchairs

Fitting wheelchairs the right way

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