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We put you in charge of your world. Check out our latest innovations, events and real-life stories. Check out where our power wheelchairs travel to, and how you can trial one today.

Getting the perfect “Goldilocks” fit with your wheelchair

Being comfortable in your wheelchair is not a privilege.

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A map to driving with a disability

Driving is an important part of life.

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The art of the arm pad

Arm pads are designed for comfort.

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Amanda meets her goals

Amanda has always loved her pet dogs.

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What’s new? Fishing rod holder

We’ve released a new fishing rod holder.

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What’s New? Improved Thoracic Supports

Thoracic supports are an important part of your seating ...

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Celebrating 25 years of custom innovations

No two people are the same, so why would their wheelchairs ...

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Customising to your Challenges

Users Mark, Niamh and Gerry are all determined to be independent.

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A new standard in specialty control

This edition, we’re talking more about the Penny & Giles ...

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Finding your ideal wheelbase

Magic Mobility Founder Ash is helping to break down the ...

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Setting yourself outdoor challenges

John likes to set himself challenges outdoors.

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Taking control – choosing the right controller

Having the right wheelchair controls open up a world of ...

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Charging your accessories on the go

It’s really important for our wheelchair users to stay ...

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