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Everything you need for adventure

Everything you need for adventureMost adventurous Magic Mobility users choose off-road tyres for superior all-terrain traction, as well as to provide suspension and stability. But there are a lot of other options that make for safer, surer adventuring.


Magic Mobility stability rollers for greater stability on steep slopes.

A stability roller gives an X8 more stability on steep slopes.

Stability rollers

Even though Magic Mobility powerchairs are quite stable thanks to their low centres of gravity and superior suspension, stability rollers can be fitted to the rear of the Extreme X8 and Frontier V4 Rear Wheel Drive to make them even more stable when travelling up steep or rugged inclines.

They provide added peace of mind for particularly intrepid adventurers.


Puncture-proof Magic Mobility tyre liners give you confidence to adventure everywhere.

Puncture-proof tyre liners give you confidence to adventure everywhere.

Puncture-proof tyre liners

Tyre liners made from an Aramid fibre-reinforced rubber compound have been specially developed my Magic Mobility for our knobby Off-road and Crossover tyres, to minimise the risk of you being left with a flat in the middle of your adventure.

Sharp roots, rocks, thorns and other puncture hazards can be confidently negotiated with these fitted to your tyres.



Never get caught in the dark on your Magic Mobility powerchair without reliable lighting

Never get caught in the dark without reliable lighting.

When the going gets rough, you really need to see where you’re going. Those bound for adventure are well advised to be prepared for unexpected weather or potential for reduced visibility. Our highly efficient 24V LED lighting system runs directly from the wheelchair batteries and can be controlled using a standard
R-net control system or optional programmable switch systems.

Depending on their mounting position and the powerchair model, the lights may also be mounted on flexible rubber brackets or can be spring-loaded, to protect from impacts.


Magic Mobility Seating supports keep you secure while you test your powerchairs limits.

Seating supports keep you secure while you test your powerchairs limits.

Straps and supports

Particularly for users with limited core strength, adventurous terrains can be rough on the body.

From rib-hugging Thoracic supports to feet fixing rubberised, high-sided footrests and retractable seat belts, Magic Mobility powerchair can be fitted with both postural supports and the restraints or harnesses users might need to ensure they’re sufficiently secured for a wilder type of ride.


Magic Mobility battery power

More battery power means more adventure and freedom.

Larger X8 batteries

New or recently manufactured Extreme X8 powerchairs offer the option of larger batteries that can provide up to 20% more range, as well as even better stability.

You can learn more about the larger battery option now available on the Extreme X8 by clicking here.

Unfortunately, these cannot be retrofitted to older X8’s, so you will need to check with your dealer to see if they are available on your chair and in your local region.


Contact us or find your local agent or distributor to learn more about how to better prepare your chair for adventure.

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