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Latest Magic Mobility News

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EU-wide Employment Guidelines help to advise and promote ways to increase participation in sustainable, meaningful and economically productive employment for all people.

Access to quality employment

The European Commissions state that “Participation in ...

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Reasonable workplace adjustments for wheelchair users

Australia’s Equal Opportunity Act 2010 requires employers to ...

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Wheelchair user in supermarket with elevated seat to reach higher shelf.

Seat elevation by Medicare & Medicaid

In May of 2023, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ...

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Wheelchair user Henry in his Magic Mobility powerchair

Challenging ‘occupational deprivation’

The consequences of being stuck in the wrong wheelchair are ...

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Michael Archer says that lift and tilt is the most important feature on his Frontier V6

Elevate your life

Often regarded as non-essential by public funders and ...

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Mark Brown

Top tips for NDIS powerchair plan

The NDIS is a complex system to navigate, but it’s a ...

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Best Quality Powerchair

What kind of powerchair does a disabled base-jumper use?

Marlena is on track to be the first person with cerebral ...

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Leonie in her Extreme X8 walking her horse

Top three tips to getting a funded powerchair

What are the secrets to securing a funded powerchair as ...

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Best Quality Powerchair

Bullrider Beau’s bush bashing

Bullrider Beau's bushbashing in an old Magic Mobility ...

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Magic Mobility

Gavin’s V6 All Terrain has got grit

Gavin treasures his Magic Mobility V6 AT. With a lift that ...

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Motorised Wheelchair

Leonie takes up the challenge

Be like Leonie – don’t take “no” for an answer!

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