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Latest Magic Mobility News

We put you in charge of your world. Check out our latest innovations, events and real-life stories. Check out where our power wheelchairs travel to, and how you can trial one today. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more wheelchair tips, information and news by clicking here.

How is the quality of your work-life?

When you rely on a powerchair for work, little details can ...

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The key to all-day comfort at work

For people who spend long hours working in a powerchair, ...

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Everything you need for adventure

Most adventurous Magic Mobility users choose off-road tyres ...

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Family-friendly accessories

Whether it’s keeping your child safe or carrying the family ...

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Crossover tyres are interchangeable on most Magic Mobility Frontier V6 and V4 powerchairs.

Crossover to greater versatility

An active family’s indoor/outdoor freedom can depend on ...

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Our brand new CMPE leg rest

Great new options for your powerchair

Whatever you want to do, Magic Mobility's new powered ...

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Our lift function enables your social life in many ways

Need a lift?

When it comes to enjoying social occasions, many users name ...

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Magic Mobility Tilt Transfer feature

The Ins and Outs of Life

Getting in and out of your powerchair – be it independently ...

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A range of accessories are available to help your chair adapt as you grow.

Your Chair, Your Life

For people with limited mobility, dealing with change can be ...

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Centre Mounted Power Elevated legrests on an Magic Mobility Extreme X8 wheelchair

Powering your leg rests

Giving your legs a rest is one of the most crucial ways to ...

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Best Quality Powerchair

Upgrade your adventure

Tackle every extreme with our top accessories and upgrades ...

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Beach Wheelchair

Making that chair all yours

There is nothing stopping you from giving your chair a magic ...

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